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Paul Yole has been reporting for Campaign Brief from Cannes since 2007. An industry veteran of over 40 years, this year Paul is joined by his daughter Emma, who is just entering the industry. Each day they will be giving their very different perspectives on the best sessions of the week. You can also follow Emma’s Cannes Instagram story @emmacyole.


Paul: The 67th Cannes Lions Festival starts on Monday. Which is as it should be. And as it used to be. I was getting fed up of having to front up early on the weekend for a ten-day slog.

Emma: Yeah, it was such a slog…

Paul: The number of sessions crammed into five days this year is mind boggling. There’s the usual array of ad legends and celebrities, plus a huge number of speakers on tech. I wonder if AI will crack a mention? Or blockchain? God help us all.I’m also looking forward to hearing the latest thinking on how the industry is addressing issues of diversity and gender equality. Some of the other talks that could be interesting include the photographer Rankin, Adam & Eve DDB, Rory Sutherland, Adam Morgan, TikTok (whoever he is) and Guinness.

Emma: Topping my list so far would be Richard Shotton, Matt Eastwood and Rainn Wilson (I am a huge Office fan). But it’s a long list and I’m still trying to get my head around it.

Paul: It’ll be good practice on that vital skill – the art of sacrifice. I may have to give a miss to F1 boss Christian Horner (aka Mr Ginger Spice) as it clashes with a session on the future of strategy, which I really want to see. Hopefully Rob Campbell has not lost his fire.

Emma: Whilst I’m pretty overwhelmed at the number of amazing talks, I know that I will leave Cannes feeling far more inspired and with a better understanding of the industry. My plan is to take it day by day and fit in as much as I can – whilst still leaving time for a good amount of rosé, of course.

Paul: We arrive on Sunday, so please check out our posts on Campaign Brief and follow us on Twitter – @paul_yole and @yole_emma. Emma will be more active on her Instagram, @emmacyole, so be sure to follow her there for live updates on what she’s up to.On Sunday (or Monday) we’ll share some of the campaigns we hope will pick up metal.