Road Safety Commission urges WA travellers to ‘Give a Caradamn’ via The Brand Agency

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The Brand Agency has launched an interactive campaign, including a multi-platform safety education activation that is touring WA, aimed at reminding holiday makers to ‘Give a Caradamn’.


Senior Account Director at The Brand Agency, Evan Murie explains: “WA has always been a popular destination for holiday makers, particularly with those towing caravans and trailers set on exploring our amazing state. With COVID-19 travel restrictions, there has been a rise in intrastate travel and a significant increase in first timers towing a caravan or trailer. With this increase in novice caravanners taking to the roads, we needed an education experience and key safety checklists that show how to correctly load a caravan/trailer and how weight distribution impacts safety on our roads.”

As a result, The Brand Agency and Road Safety Commission set out to get people to give a ‘Caradamn’ and the best way to do this was to give them a ‘Demonswaytion’ on the outcome of not packing correctly.

The Brand Agency created a logo, campaign identity, flyer, interactive web content, video content, social and an activation/demonstration experience that showcases the consequences of not packing a caravan in the right way.

Lachy Banton, Copywriter, The Brand Agency said: “Instructions and best practices aren’t really known for being captivating reads. So with that in mind, we wanted to ensure our materials struck that careful balance between entertaining and educational. After all, you can’t bore someone into learning about the physics of weight distribution and potential energy!”

Murie, added: “I’ve always seen pictures of the correct way to pack a caravan or trailer but have never seen the incorrect effects on display. Hopefully, this engaging experience will educate inexperienced caravanners and help save lives on our roads”.

The activation is touring the State at exhibitions, boating, camping, and caravan shows, along with support from campaign collateral.

Road Safety Commission urges WA travellers to ‘Give a Caradamn’ via The Brand Agency Road Safety Commission urges WA travellers to ‘Give a Caradamn’ via The Brand Agency

Road Safety Commission
Roger Farley, Assistant Director Communications and Engagement
Alisia Mumby, Campaigns Officer
Mikhail Wong, Digital Project Officer

The Brand Agency, Perth
Creative Director: Dean Hunt
Art Director: Niall Stephen
Copywriter: Lachy Banton
Design: Dan Agostino, Carly Groves
Account Management: Evan Murie, Ruby Broun

Production Company: King Street
Producers: Caitlin Jacobs, Sydney Mumby
Tech: Carmelo Rigoli
Videographer / Photographer: Pete Townsend
Editor: Julien Solecio
Production: Murray Edwards of M.E. Scenery