Road Safety Commission launches the next chapter of ‘No One Plans a Crash’ campaign via The Brand Agency

Road Safety Commission launches the next chapter of ‘No One Plans a Crash’ campaign via The Brand Agency

The next campaign in the Road Safety Commission’s successful Make Every Journey Safe platform was launched this month, via The Brand Agency.


The campaign aims to drive a cultural shift in how Western Australian road-users think and behave every time they embark on an everyday journey. Instead of driving on autopilot, allowing lapses of concentration or judgement to put us at risk, the campaign asks people to actively plan not to crash.

In its first year, the No One Plans a Crash creative platform has already helped deliver a 55% reduction in inattention-related crashes that caused a fatality across Western Australia. This equates to 10 fewer lives lost on our roads compared to the previous year. Instead of following the usual tropes of behaviour change public safety campaigns, the campaign takes a long-term brand-platform approach, and instead applies brand building techniques to a public safety message.

The five new films feature an everyday family with adult children. Each 30″ spot joins a respective family member as they discuss their plans for the day, before leaving to embark on their everyday journey using different modes of transport. These realistic scenes are interrupted by an emotional ‘premonition’ from a concerned and grieving family member or loved one, before snapping-back to everyday reality. A reminder that most serious crashes happen on the everyday journeys we all take.”

No Seatbelt 30”
Distracted Daughter 30”
Speeding Dad 30”
Drink Driving Son 30”
Motorbike 30”
Safety Social Video
Drink Driving Social
Fatigue Social
No Helmet Social
Speeding Social
Seatbelt Social

Distracted Phone Audio
Speeding Car Audio
Speeding Motorbike Audio

Dean Hunt, The Brand Agency Executive Creative Director said, “It’s great to see No One Plans A Crash 2.0 come to life. The strength of this campaign builds with every new execution created. Across multiple platforms, the more executions we create, the broader the audience we can reach. Using film and OOH more like responsive digital allows us to feature multiple audience groups, types of transport, driver behaviours, and consequences. Time and location specific executions give us even more cut-through and connection. Super proud of all involved. We could not be happier with the results we are seeing.”

Road Safety Commission launches the next chapter of ‘No One Plans a Crash’ campaign via The Brand Agency

Joanna Hynes, Road Safety Commission said, “No One Plans A Crash has been our most successful campaign to date, with the highest number of Western Australian’s saying this campaign would cause them to make safer choices on our roads. Achieving positive behaviour change on our roads is what we are here to do, so we couldn’t be prouder.”

Evan Murie, The Brand Agency Business Director, said, “Really excited to continue this campaign as part of the five-year strategy, especially if we keep seeing the positive results and help save lives on our roads”.

The campaign launched across Cinema, TV, OLV, Audio, OOH, Social & display.

Road Safety Commission
Simone Steele: Director Education & Behaviour Change
Joanna Hynes: Manager Strategic Communications
Stacey Coppack: Manager Community Initiatives
Kirsten Brent: Strategic Communications Coordinator
Alisia Mumby: Campaigns Officer

The Brand Agency, Perth
Executive Creative Director: Dean Hunt
Senior Art Director: Julia Elton-Bott
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Senior Producer: Rozie Fretz
Production/Design/Studio: Dan Agostino, Clayton West, Julian Farnan, Nicola Commons, Paul Connelly

Clockwork Films, WA
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