Rich Brophy and Alex Brophy set up legal design studio, Pickle Inc

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Rich Brophy and Alex Brophy set up legal design studio, Pickle Inc

Perth brothers Rich Brophy and Alex Brophy have set up a legal design studio that’s on a mission to make law more human. Pickle Inc. delivers strategic branding, communications, digital, service and product design for legal organisations, all through the eyes of an objective customer.


Rich Brophy (formerly Tricky Jigsaw / M&C Saatchi & With Collective) and Alex Brophy (Pinstripe Media, Business Insider & Urban List), started Pickle after seeing a gap in the market for legal design specialists.

“We recognised the untapped potential of law – an industry fundamentally based on human needs, but sorely lacking in a human-centred approach,” said Rich Brophy, partner at Pickle.

“We took our hard-won smarts from a breadth of industries and made legal design our exclusive focus.

“We believe that by overlaying smart legal operations with an objective customer lens, we can both make law accessible and build businesses that thrive.”

The two brothers have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to design strategy, communications, products and services, including Google, NSW Government, Lexus, Qantas.

Their first client at Pickle, former CEO and executive of one of Australia’s largest consumer law firms Hayden Stephens, engaged them to establish his new class actions firm.

Stephens said: “Throughout my career I’ve worked with a lot of people that purport to do what these guys do. But relatively few actually do.”

“Having their customer-first lens ‘always on’ and a preparedness to challenge me on my own thinking, meant that I came to market in a more informed and targeted way.”

Stephens has several major class actions underway, representing junior doctors to improve conditions in our hospitals. This is the type of positive impact Rich Brophy and Alex Brophy are keen to help drive.

Alex Brophy, partner at Pickle, said: “The law is the rules that society operates by, so they should be accessible to everyone, and effective for everyone.”

“So the work that we’re doing to make legal services easier to understand, for everyone from an individual trying to navigate family law to a participant in a statewide group action, is purposeful.

“We’re here to make a positive difference to how legal services are provided and, through that, help good firms stand out and succeed.”