Rhythm Creative Content set sights higher

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Rhythm Creative Content set sights higher

With a passion for helping people and shining a light on areas that require our collective attention, it has been a busy and rewarding couple of years for Gemma and Adam Rule.


Formerly known as Chop Shop Media, they also re-branded their company to Rhythm Creative Content at the beginning of 2018.

“We decided to restructure our business and increase our scope of works to include quality ideation for clients looking for content-based solutions,” said Gemma. “We had been Chop Shop for over ten years and the name didn’t really fit our new strategy. Rhythm Creative Content is more in-line with our approach to solving problems and building brands.”

Clearly, the strategy is working. Gemma nominates Rhythm’s greatest accomplishment to date as its growth over the last 12 months. The company has gone from two people with the occasional third freelancer to a team of six plus a couple of freelancers and a strong network of dedicated partners.

“We are most proud of the team of people we have managed to assemble; quality people who understand that a team approach is better than any one individual.”

Key projects in recent times have been the Her Rules, Her Game spots for Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services, the Youth STI spots for the Department of Health W.A., and John McGovarin’s Sevenoaks College web spot.

Recognition for the excellence of their output came in May, when Adam Rule was named Director of the Year and Editor of the Year at the 2019 PADC Diamond Skulls. He said it was a great honour, especially considering the way the work was judged this year.

“We have nothing but respect for our fellow film-makers and advertising craftspeople so being included and recognised for our work means a great deal. However, our company as a whole is far from satisfied. We have much more to offer and we are only really getting started. As we look to grow our team and work with bigger brands (and hopefully budgets!), we hope these kinds of awards will help with credibility and awareness.”

Anyone who sits in a meeting with Adam will know how passionate he is about pushing a concept, story or budget to the limit in order to maximise its potential. Following a fairly typical WA route of study – majoring in film and multimedia at ECU with minors in photography and graphic design – he did some post production study in New York to fine tune his skills in editing and get some insider knowledge from professional feature film editors and agencies like Radical Media. That training coupled with a huge amount of life experience and passion for his chosen craft has enabled him to produce consistently high-quality work.

Adam describes Rhythm’s approach as combining storytelling with style.

“We believe quality aesthetics matters but never at the expense of story. Our goal is to create work that holds up over time, and work that looks more expensive than it actually is, so we choose our crew and gear very carefully in order to maximise a project’s potential.”

(A clue to their style, inspiration and indeed, aspiration is the Rule’s nomination of renowned French Canadian auteur Denis Villeneuve as a film maker they would dream of working with.)

Gemma says storytelling is at the core of their work – whether that be rebranding a company, through to selling a product.

“We don’t follow trends and we never do something that doesn’t enhance the story we are telling. Our clients have found this to be a refreshing creative approach and have therefore trusted us and our ideas.”

“Ultimately Rhythm has been blessed with some amazing clients and opportunities. As we have said, we are passionate about good causes, so working for health, education, sport and tourism related clients is a dream start for us.”

With a decade of experience and a solid body of work behind them, Adam and Gemma are starting to think about expanding Rhythm’s scope.

“We love all types of content so on top of the marketing related work we do, we will start to look more seriously into opportunities in the documentary and narrative space. Our directors all have passion projects and wherever possible our goal is to nurture and grow those into a reality.” In the meantime, Gemma said they want to continue working with clients who are serious about achieving cut-through in their market.”

“We are genuinely happy working with great clients and fellow creatives, steadily growing our team of artistic professionals, as well as growing our company and elevating the talented people we already have.”

Go to rhythmcontent.com.au to see the company’s portfolio of brand and content work.

This article originally appeared in the July 2019 issue of Campaign Brief WA.

Rhythm Creative Content set sights higher