Readymix cements new brand campaign via Focus Creative and Limitless Studios

Readymix cements new brand campaign via Focus Creative and Limitless Studios

In a strategic rebrand, Readymix is expanding their market focus from B2B to B2C – targeting everyday, DIY labourers. Accompanied by a new campaign, this collaboration was orchestrated by Sydney-based agency Focus Creative and brought to life by West Perth’s Limitless Studios.


The foundation of this campaign is a fast-paced 30-second TVC that aims to resonate with anyone who has ever attempted a DIY concreting project. The commercial follows a man labouring to mix cement into concrete, portraying the frustrations of tackling such a task independently. Just as the struggle peaks, the cavalry arrives in the form of a Readymix truck, effortlessly resolving his pain point. It’s a visual metaphor for the company’s transition from catering primarily to businesses to reaching out directly to consumers.

To gain insight into the production challenges faced by Limitless Studios, a Behind the Scenes look takes viewers through the intricacies of the shoot. Notably, the time-sensitive nature of concrete presented a unique challenge, requiring precise coordination to capture the shots before the material dried. The shoot day had hot and clear weather, complicating the physical nature of many of the mounted and rigged shots.



Client: Holcim Australia
Agency: Focus Group
Creative Director: Carlos Jonmundsson
Production: Limitless Studios
Director: Jonathon Shaw
Producer: Apurva Gupta
DOP: Michael Thomas
VFX: Emir Salameh
Production Assistant: James Hoare
Production Assistant: Caleb Donaldson
Stills: Justin Griffiths
Talent: Lawrence Murphy
Talent: Acacia Daken
Talent: Andre Rodrigues