Powered Predicts: Powered by Nine unveils marketing trends shaping the industry in 2024

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Powered Predicts: Powered by Nine unveils marketing trends shaping the industry in 2024

Celebrating its fourth year, Powered Predicts is a leading source of insight into the evolving landscape of marketing. Launched by Nine’s marketing services team, Powered, the research provides brands with a glimpse into the trends shaping our industry in 2024, identifying nine key emerging trends that will define media, marketing and advertising in the coming year.


Drawing on consumer research, category shifts, creative effectiveness studies, cultural forecasting and business objectives driving advertisers’ briefs, Powered’s Strategy and Insights team presents a comprehensive perspective grounded in genuine consumer insight.

This year’s trends spotlight a resurgence of longer-form content, seizing the opportunity arising from short-form fatigue. Crisis Commerce also emerges as a notable trend, reflecting a shift in how some brands approach consumerism amidst economic uncertainties.

Powered by Nine’s Head of Strategy, Steve Caunce, encourages marketers to harness Powered Predicts data to shape their own plans. He says: “Powered Predicts is designed to be practical so that it can be realistically applied to businesses. Everything we put out there is backed up quantitatively, because we survey everything with our own audiences.

“Given the sheer weight of economic uncertainty today, robust evidence is critical, it means marketers can apply the findings with confidence to their own strategies.”

For those eager to delve deeper into these insights, connect with WA’s local Powered lead, Jaimi-lee Tatur, at jtatur@nine.com.au or visit nineforbrands.com.au/powered-predicts-2024/.