Powerballin’. It’s an attitude and a new campaign for Lotterywest via 303 MullenLowe

Powerballin’. It’s an attitude and a new campaign for Lotterywest via 303 MullenLowe

The pure, unprecedented freedom feeling that a Powerball win could bring is explored in a quirky new Powerball campaign platform for Lotterywest via 303 MullenLowe, featuring its own locally written and produced rap.


With music by local Noongar rap artist Flewnt, and composition by Panda Candy, the new Powerballin’ campaign comprises a series of three TVCs, each focusing on a unique character and iterations of a bespoke Powerballin’ rap. It will also be seen from this week across outdoor and social, and in a campaign twist, the specially developed rap will also be launched as a standalone 90” track on local radio.

303 MullenLowe’s Business Director, Eloise Cribb, said: “the new campaign platform embodies the bold, energetic and exciting personality and tone of the game, while appealing to those looking for freedom from aspects of life less enjoyed.”

“While Powerball has a lot of cultural cache in people’s minds from previous campaign platforms like One Powerball and Powerball Problems, we discovered the current positioning of “becoming rich” isn’t one that aligns with consumer needs or the Lotterywest brand any longer due to cultural shifts,” she explained.

“Winning the Powerball isn’t about extreme wealth, it’s about that feeling of pure, unprecedented freedom you would get from a win. The freedom to do all the things no one would dream of doing in their regular lives. So in order to be culturally relevant and connect with younger Australian audiences it’s this attitude behind the money that we really honed in on and heroed in the new campaign.”

303 MullenLowe’s Art Director, Stephen Hansen, continued: “Powerball has a long and storied legacy of culturally iconic campaigns. To bring the brand in line with modern opinions of wealth we knew we needed an idea that tapped into the inevitable attitude shift after a Powerball win. Luckily for us the idea was in the name itself. Powerballin’ is the attitude you only get from true financial freedom and with the help of some truly Powerballin’ friends, we’re very happy with the result.”

Powerballin’. It’s an attitude and a new campaign for Lotterywest via 303 MullenLowe

The new Powerballin’ campaign will run throughout the next 12 months in a series of brand activity, with the new brand platform set to be in market for years to come.

Lotterywest’s Manager Brand and Campaign Ruby Broun said Powerball has always been ballin’, this financial year alone delivering over $93 million back into the WA community. In March it also made one WA family $40 million richer.

Broun said: “Now, with Powerballin’ we have a platform that takes Powerball’s bold and confident stance in a new direction, delivering a chance at escapism and the freedom that a Powerball win could bring, effectively aligning us with changing consumer needs and the Lotterywest brand.”

“This has been a huge production, many months in the making, so thank you to the numerous hands involved.”

The campaign can be viewed here:

303 MullenLowe Is part of Attivo Group, a marketing services consultancy with offices across Australia and New Zealand

Director, Marketing and Sales – Jenny Cullen
Manager, Brand and Campaign – Ruby Broun
Manager, Brand and Campaign – Holly Broockmann
Marketing Officer – Lauren Duckworth
Marketing Officer – Jayde Glorie
303 MullenLowe Perth
Executive Creative Director – Richard Berney
Art Director – Stephen Hansen
Copywriter – Zosia Kilpatrick
Head of Design – Alby Furfaro
Designer – Anabel Cressie
Designer – Andrew Allingham
Finished Artist – Suzanne Whoston
Digital Designer – Casey Upchurch
Head of Planning – John Linton
Business Director – Eloise Cribb
Business Executive – Rebecca Di Pardo
Producer – Johnathan Julius
Music Composition: Panda Candy
Music Composition: Ian Berney, Glenn Sarangapany and Dazastahs Lair
Vocalist: Flewnt (Josh Eggington)
Music Mix: Ian Berney and Kieran Kenessay
Stills Photography & Retouching
Photographer and Retouching: Luke Carter Wilton
Photographer Assistant: Dan McBride
Production Company: Open Spaces
Director: Edwin McGill
EP: Béatrice Masia
DOP: Patrick O’Sullivan
Motion Graphics: What’s This? Studio
Creative / Animation Direction: Sam Price
2D Animation: Jhan Fung
Producer: John Macliver
Post Production Company: The Office of John Cheese
Offline: Billy Browne
Colourist: Martin Greer
Online: James Hawkes
Audio Production: Cue Sound
Sound Engineer: Nick Gallagher
Producer: Anika Fourie
Casting: ToeSox
Megan Carpenter
Media Planning (Initiative)
Head of Client Service – Steve Hare
Investment Partnerships Manager – Lauren Corner
Investment Partnerships Manager – Ricardo Abrahao

Powerballin’. It’s an attitude and a new campaign for Lotterywest via 303 MullenLowe Powerballin’. It’s an attitude and a new campaign for Lotterywest via 303 MullenLowe