Perth market intelligence agency Metrix Consulting driving data-led strategy revolution

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Perth market intelligence agency Metrix Consulting driving data-led strategy revolution

Leading Perth marketing insights firm Metrix Consulting  has diversified its offering in response to demand from business leaders for insights that translate into improved decision-making and competitive edge.


Recruiting specialists with creative agency, client-side and management consulting experience, the company has built an impressive talent pool of experts in brand, marketing and corporate strategy to assist clients to better use the intelligence delivered by data.  The move follows an exciting 12 months which saw Metrix add a Sydney office to its East Coast footprint and experience 20 per cent sales growth.

Founder Marquis Pohla (pictured), who began Metrix in the back room of his small family home nine years ago, said continuous evolution was critical for agencies like his to not only survive but flourish in a heavily changing market.

“We’re operating in a highly competitive environment but it’s driving innovation and the delivery of more integrated approaches to marketing and business strategy and that’s what the C-Suite and Boards are looking for,” he said. “In a tough Australian economy, government and business know they need to be able to action insights from market research to generate a return on that investment.

“While we’ve always had a strategic approach to data extraction, analysis and insight generation, we’ve significantly ramped up our capabilities and invested in great operators who understand how intrinsic insights are to successful strategy development and execution across marketing and beyond.”

Pohla said while technology and new diagnostic tools had dramatically improved market research over the past few years, demand for specialist consultants that can translate data to insight and insight to strategy has grown. He believes that with the increasing complexity of the business marketing landscape you need a diverse range of people from different backgrounds to solve business problems.

“That’s why we’ve made a conscious effort to improve our internal collaboration and add a richness and diversity to what we can deliver. While Metrix’s new approach has been initially rolled out in the Western Australian market, the agency’s multi-lens approach is also resonating on the East Coast. We have already picked up some great clients in 2019 including City of Melbourne and Yarra Valley Water and our point of difference of delivering data in a way business can immediately use is fuelling our growth.”

Pohla said it was nice to reverse the trend of the wise men from the east consulting to the west.

“There’s plenty of expertise here in Western Australia and it’s good to see that being recognised by some of the bigger organisations based on the other side of the country.”

In another development, Caroline Goldie has been appointed Business Director at Metrix. Goldie is an accomplished strategy and insights director with both agency and client-side experience. She was previously Associate Director at Kantar Public Perth.