Perth is OK! partners with Block Branding for complete brand overhaul

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Perth is OK! partners with Block Branding for complete brand overhaul

Following an intensive six month process working with creative agency Block Branding and web developers Hatchet, WA’s largest independent digital media company, Perth is OK!, has revealed a bold new look for 2023 and beyond.


It’s the first time Perth is OK! Has changed their branding or website design since launching back in 2014, signaling a coming-of-age within the Western Australian media landscape.

“You may have noticed a few changes to our little old website and social media over the past couple of weeks, and we’re beyond excited to finally show you the new look Perth is OK! After launching our Instagram channel and hashtag back in 2014, the time had definitely come for a freshen up given we were still using the same logo made by a mate for a measly $50 (thanks Jeff!),” said co-directors and founders Luke Whelan and Blake Kelleway.

“Looking ahead, we’re excited to champion the LOCAL GOOD of Perth and WA, and continue carving out our space in this State’s local media landscape as an authentic local voice to inspire, excite, empower and bring together the people of WA through optimistic and actionable reporting.”

The re-brand comes with a complete redesign of the website and branding across all platforms, with improved functionality and ease-of-use for their ever-growing readership base paramount to the project’s success.

Mark Braddock, Co-Founder & Creative Director at Block Branding, said: “In Block’s 20th year, there could not have been a more meaningful and appropriate partnership for us. To partner with fellow independently-spirited entrepreneurial folk to be part of taking Perth is OK! to the next level has been a true honour.”

“As traditional print and broadcast media has declined, it is more important than ever that there is a place for authentic, local, independent voices in the globalised digital space – and the success of Perth is OK! demonstrates there is a huge audience for it. They have an audience that has been built on genuine optimistic advocacy and hometown pride. This is what locals and visitors alike are looking for and is fundamental in shaping our narrative as our region evolves and we become a more diverse destination…”

“Seeing our amazing team working hand-in-hand with the PiOK! team to create this digital-first brand that lives equally comfortably in the online and analogue worlds and across traditional to social to emerging media, has reminded me why Tanya and I started Block in the first place.”

Perth is OK! partners with Block Branding for complete brand overhaul

Kelleway agreed, citing the collaboration as a fantastic opportunity to not only work with such a globally-respected company, but also to realign Perth is OK!’s values and goals moving forward.

“We had an absolute blast going through the rebrand process with the local legends at Block – a company whose work we have admired for many years now and who is, for my money, the best in the business,” he said.

“Collaborating with their team has been a great privilege, and it wasn’t long into the piece before we unearthed the many similarities and shared values between our two companies. Namely both being proudly independent, passionate about Perth and believing in the power of creative ideas and optimistic storytelling to help evolve the narrative of all that’s good in our city.”

Whelan added: “We’re focused and impassioned to build a locally owned media voice that promotes the LOCAL GOOD of WA with optimism and positivity rather than relying on fear mongering and titillation.”

“While you can find bikie drama, celebrity gossip and whatever the latest apocalyptic news cycle fodder in the usual places, we’re hoping that Perth is OK! will become a place people can find an unbiased as possible source of information that doesn’t make them feel despair or dumber after consuming.”

It sets the stage for an exciting second half of 2023 for Perth is OK!, with the launch of their Sports vertical, new hires, an expanded contributor team and more in the pipeline.

Perth is OK! partners with Block Branding for complete brand overhaul Perth is OK! partners with Block Branding for complete brand overhaul