Perth-Based Out Of Home company XTD Resets Its Course and Rebrands As Motio

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Perth-Based Out Of Home company XTD Resets Its Course and Rebrands As Motio

Motio has launched today, the new name for Perth-Based XTD, marking the next stage in its evolution.


From today, Out-of-Home media company XTD has changed its name to Motio Limited. (ASX:MXO); and is pursuing its leadership in the Place Based media and Location Intelligence sector.

Approved by shareholders at its Annual General Meeting last Friday, the name change supports its diversification strategy, evolving its core business of Place Based Media.

Motio’s growth ambitions have been well documented this year – launching a market facing media company by the same name, accelerating the combination of media, content, customer experience, data and technology integration to develop and grow its environments.

CEO and Managing Director of Motio, Adam Cadwallader, said the name Motio represented movement and pays a genuine respect to the people who are committed to its growth.

“The hard work and dedication of our small, but very committed team over the past twelve months revealed clear demand for advertisers to invest in our sectors for relevance, brand safety and targeting layered with a genuine thirst from landlords looking for more than a cheque or some heat maps from their Wi-Fi provider,” he said.

“We are creating scaled media and data led micro-environments in the Sports and Leisure, Health and Wellness and On-The-Go Retail, replicating the same tech and approach as ‘smart cities’ or ‘precincts’ with scale, customisation and flexibility.”

“Whilst these elements are operating independently today, we are pioneering the ability to bring these parts together providing intelligence to our property partners, advertisers and importantly making our environment customer focussed and friendly.”

Motio now owns digital place-based networks across Australia in Health, Sports and Leisure, represents Swift Media’s Health & Wellness network, and Engagis’ Caltex Petro Retail network. They also operate Digital-Out-Of-Home content company, Enormity and have recently announced the development of its data and analytics platform, CLIX.

Perth-Based Out Of Home company XTD Resets Its Course and Rebrands As Motio