PADC announces next event – Make it Pop!

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The Perth Advertising and Design Club has announced its next Commune event, ‘Make it Pop!’, this Friday 31st May at Lawson Flats.


The pop-panel features three of Perth’s leading ‘pop-culturalists’ – Demelza Leonard, Mike Drysdale, and Lee Ingram. The panel will share practical learnings and real-world experiences working with popular culture, and the subcultures and unique brand niches that exist around them.

Demelza Leonard – Social media expert and media commentator, Demelza is a Senior Marketing Consultant at Market Creations Agency and regular pop-culture specialist on ABC Radio, Channel 9, and Foxtel’s ‘The Couch’.

Mike Drysdale – Strategist, creative director, podcaster and content creator, Mike specialises in how can brands interface with culture to create conversations and build connections to markets.

Lee Ingram – A lecturer in design at Curtin University, Lee is an expert in sneaker-culture. He owns one of Asia’s largest sneaker collections and the world’s largest private collection of Asics shoes, having previously been exhibited at the Art Gallery of WA.

“This is one of the most interesting, diverse, and opportune areas of communication today,” says PADC Co-president, Dan Agostino. “Being able to effectively communicate with an audience has always been key in creating the best work. Today, with the way we engage with brands being more dynamic and fragmented than ever before, we wanted to dive into the world of these cultures to provide some practical tools for creatives and clients alike.”

Ahead of the pop culture Commune, Co-presidents Leigh Wood and Dan Agostino recorded the latest in the Club’s podcast series, PADCast. Currently ranked the number 56 marketing podcast in Australia, the pair spoke with Leonard and Drysdale about the rise of brand subcultures and niche groups, their influence on popular culture, and how successful brands are playing into this and engaging in the conversation.

The event will be held at Lawson Flats, the CBD’s premier creative hub, new partner and Creative Headquarters of the PADC.

Listen to the episode on Spotify here.

Click here for your tickets to the event.

Make it Pop!
Lawson Flats
4 Sherwood Court, Perth
Friday 31st May, from 6.15pm

$25 PADC Members
$40 Non-members