OurTowns App connects communities in real time in the City of Vincent

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OurTowns App connects communities in real time in the City of Vincent

OurTowns has launched on the App and Google Play stores to download for free with all of the City of Vincent’s businesses and events listed.


OurTowns has been working closely with the City of Vincent place making team, local Town Teams, Town Team Movement, local businesses and event organisers to ensure the content and information is in line with consumer’s needs and expectations.

The OurTowns team is a small group of like-minded people who saw a need for an easy, grass roots way to connect to the businesses and events going on in their neighbourhood.

Managing Director, Marc Drexel, said: “Each member has demonstrated community connection, through volunteer work, business, events and a shared passion for finding a way to give back to the community by offering a service that truly supports its locals”.

Lei, owner of local business Dear Green Café, said: “OurTowns has already seen a huge interest from the Vincent businesses and event organisers that are desperately keen to connect with their local audiences in a meaningful way. We’re really excited about the OurTowns offering – helping us to easily connect to customers”.

Drexel said: “In my experience as former Chair of The Mt Hawthorn Hub and as Founding Director of The Town Team Movement, I was always being asked why a hyperlocal business and events directory did not exist. So, I decided to develop a solution to this very real problem”.

Carl Jensen, Director of OurTowns, said: “We asked ourselves what we would want if we owned a local business, or we had put in long hours to create an event? How could we offer all this information in a considered and supportive manner in one source where everyone could easily connect to our community. Thus, making it as easy as possible for us all to Support Local”.

On the back of this City of Vincent product testing, consumer feedback and planned user experience enhancements, OurTowns will be rolled out to all Western Australian suburbs. OurTowns are currently seeking registrations of interest to invest in this very important community lead initiative.

Mario, owner of high-profile local restaurant Spritz Spizzicheria, said “If the past year has taught us one thing it is the need to support the local businesses who are the lifeblood of our communities and to celebrate our ability to meet up and have experiences within the areas, we love and cherish”.