Only 2 Weeks Left to Enter LIA to Receive 25% Entry Discount; enter by Wednesday, 15th June

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Only 2 Weeks Left to Enter LIA to Receive 25% Entry Discount; enter by Wednesday, 15th June

London International Awards (LIA) 2022 is open for entries. Entries Finalised by Wednesday, June 15 will be invoiced at 25% off the standard entry fee.


No Late Fees. Ever.

Work must be broadcast, published or released from 1st July 2021 through 31st August 2022.

Who Can Enter: As most work is a joint effort, LIA allows any company or individual to enter work they have collaborated on.


New Competitions for 2022:
Creativity in the Metaverse: The future of The Metaverse is being written, and re-written as we speak. This new category celebrates how brands and businesses create opportunities for people’s real world physical selves to interact and immerse themselves in the digital world of Web 3.0. These could be in the form of real time brand or customer experiences and interactions, new brand pathways, the creation of communities and links to commerce – generating results. For example media attention, sales, brand and business growth. Jurors will give extra consideration to scaled programs that create lasting infrastructure, promoting a deeper and ongoing Metaverse engagement between people and the brand or business versus a one-off campaign. We welcome entries from all industries including FMCG, CPG, fashion, sports, automotive, health & pharma, tech, entertainment, leisure, arts, media and finance.

Creativity in PR: Work with creative thinking at its core. Work that has driven and influenced opinion. Work that is culturally relevant and focuses on reputation management with the objective of increasing positive reinforcement and good will for the brand across all sectors of the PR spectrum. Entries must include an earned media component.