Nova dominating Perth GFK Radio Surveys winning 6 number 1’s in a row over 2022

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Nova dominating Perth GFK Radio Surveys winning 6 number 1’s in a row over 2022

Nova has continued to dominate Perth GFK Radio Surveys with 6 number 1’s in a row in 2022! Stela Media’s Marianne Stelmach, who has over two decades of radio industry experience, takes a closer look at the results of the latest ratings period.


#1 Overall – Nova
#1 Breakfast – Nova’s Nathan, Nat & Shaun
#1 Drive – Nova’s Kate, Tim & Joel

Nova continues to hit record numbers with their highest 10+ Share and highest Breakfast Share they’ve ever had. They are #1 with the 10 to 17, 18 to 24, 25 to 39 and 40 to 54 year olds. They are also #1 in every session across the week. No doubt the champagne will be popping up at Hay Street Subiaco!

Mix 94.5 will be happy getting back to #2 position overall. They had big increases in the 10 to 17 and 18 to 24 demographics. They are #2 in these demo’s as well as 25 to 39 year olds. Breakfast, Morning, Afternoon & Drive are also sitting in #2 positions. Cume is still strong at #2 with 568,000 listeners per week.

After a fantastic survey 6, 96FM have had the biggest drop overall and gone down to #3 10+. It’s been a real shift all year between them and Mix 94.5 with the #2 and #3 positions but they have stayed well ahead of the next three stations. After a decrease with the 40 to 54 year olds they are in #2 position. They’ve had a substantial increase in the 55 to 64 year olds and clearly leading the pack in #1 position for that demo. They are still strong with a Cume of 494,000 listeners.

6PR have had a good survey. They are still sitting in #4 position overall and had a good lift with people 40 to 54, still sitting at #5. They’ve had a massive increase with the 65+ demo’s with a 6.2% increase taking them to clear #1. All sessions had great increases with Gareth Parker being the standout moving to #3 position in Breakfast with a 1.5% increase. This is Gareth’s second last survey for the year before he departs from the station. This was also Liam Bartlett’s last survey with the station and is being replaced by Gary Adshead in the new year. Simon Beaumont will cover his shift until then. 6PR’s cume increased to 228,000 listeners.

6IX will be happy with moving back to #5 position. They’ve had a fantastic 4% increase with 55 to 64 year olds, taking them to #2 position. Their new Breakfast Show with Rob & Nat have also had a slight increase after only 50 shows together. Afternoons with Mike Parry had their biggest increase across the sessions. They are also the #4 station on Weekends. 6IX’s Cume has hardly moved with a total of 175,000 listeners per week.

Triple M have moved down to #6 position. Their strongest increases have been with the 25 to 39 and 40 to 54 year old audience. They are #3 25 to 39 and #4 with 40 to 54 year olds and closing the gaps, which is a great sign for them after a rough year of survey results. Afternoons have had their best increase across the sessions. Triple M also had the biggest increase in Cume overall with 20,000 listeners and now have 373,000 listeners per week.

People 10+

Nova – 17% (1.1% Increase)
Mix 94.5 – 12.34% (0.2% Increase)
96FM – 11.4% (1.1% Decrease)
Mix 94.5 – 12.34% (0.2% Increase)
6PR – 8.5% (1.3% Increase)
6IX – 6.6% (0.4% Increase)
92.9 Triple M – 6.5% (0.1% Increase)


Nova’s Nathan, Nat & Shaun – 20.5% (0.3% Increase)
Mix 94.5’s Pete, Matt & Kymba – 11.5% (0.7% Increase)
6PR’s Gareth Parker – 11.2% (1.5% Increase)
96FM’s The Bunch with Clairsy & Lisa – 9.0% (1.9% Decrease)
92.9 Triple M with Xav & Michelle – 5.4% (0.6% Decrease)
6IX’s Classic Breakfast with Rob & Nat – 5.3% (0.3% increase)

Cume Audience

Listening audience numbers have stayed steady with no major changes from the last survey. Nova still has the stand out number of 673,000 listeners per week followed by Mix 94.5 with 568,000 listeners. Triple M had the biggest increase of 20,000 listeners taking them to 373,000 listeners.

Nova – 673,000 (1,000 Increase)
Mix 94.5 – 568,000 (No Change)
96FM – 494,000 (9,000 Decrease)
92.9 Triple M – 373,000 (20,000 Increase)
6PR – 228,000 (17,000 Increase)
6IX – 175,000 (3,000 Decrease)

Perth DAB+ Stations

Smooth FM Perth continues as the #1 DAB+ station for their second survey, even after a 7,000 decrease of listeners. 96FM 80’s had a small increase and have gone up to #2 position. Double J had the biggest decrease of 19,000 listeners.

Smooth FM Perth (Nova) 67,000 (7,000 Decrease)
96FM 80’s (ARN) 59,000 (4,000 Increase)
Oldskool 90’s Hits (SCA) 51,000 (18,000 Decrease)
RnB Fridays (SCA) 49,000 (9,000 Decrease)
Triple J Unearthed 41,000 (10,000 Decrease)
Easy 80’s Hits (SCA) 38,000 (2,000 Increase)
ABC Jazz 38,000 (No Change)
ABC Sport 34,000 (7,000 Decrease)
Coles Radio (Nova) 33,000 (4,000 Decrease)
Double J 28,000 (19,000 Decrease)
MMM Classic Rock (SCA) 25,000 (1,000 Decrease)
MMM 80’s 19,000 (2,000 Increase)
MMM 90’s 17,000 (2,000 Increase)

Survey 7, 2022 was conducted by GFK for Commercial Radio Australia from 14th August to 17th September & 25th September to 29th October 2022. Survey 8 results will be released on Tuesday 13th December 2022.

Following a 25 year career at SCA, Fairfax, Macquarie Media, ARN and Nine, Marianne Stelmach (pictured below) has launched media representation company Stela Media.

Nova dominating Perth GFK Radio Surveys winning 6 number 1’s in a row over 2022 Nova dominating Perth GFK Radio Surveys winning 6 number 1’s in a row over 2022 Nova dominating Perth GFK Radio Surveys winning 6 number 1’s in a row over 2022 Nova dominating Perth GFK Radio Surveys winning 6 number 1’s in a row over 2022