New look for Cocos Keeling Islands via Humaan

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New look for Cocos Keeling Islands via Humaan

One of the country’s most remote island getaways the Cocos Keeling Islands, is showing the world it’s open for tourism with a new look website and branding, created by Humaan, as ‘Australia’s last unspoilt paradise’.


Located 900 km from Christmas Island and a half-day flight from Perth, the Cocos Keeling Islands is a tropical atoll of 27 islands, only two of which are inhabited.

Surrounded by one of the world’s largest marine parks, the site takes an immersive look at island life, highlighting its idyllic natural surroundings and laid back culture, friendly locals and activities from sports fishing and kitesurfing to scuba diving, snorkeling and birdwatching.

Chair of the Cocos Keeling Islands Tourism Association, Mike Kirkpatrick, said: “The new online presence, created with award-winning design and technology agency Humaan, is part of a bigger campaign to put the island on the map and educate travelers.

“Visitation has really been from word of mouth, even when Cossies Beach on Direction Island was named Australia’s best beach a few years back. Many travellers don’t know we’re here or that we’re an Australian territory.

“We can host just 144 visitors at a time so it’s a place where you can actually escape and get into nature without a crowd. You’re more likely to take a dip with a turtle than another pair of swim fins.

“It’s rare to find a destination that’s as beautiful, yet so undeveloped. It’s for the more adventurous as life is simple here but that’s what we know many travellers are looking for.

“Aside from being the epitome of a tropical oasis, there are other interesting sides to the island too with the Cocos Malay community and historical wartime dramas to explore. The website showcases these unique qualities which set us apart from other island holidays.”

Virgin Australia is running twice-weekly flights to the Cocos Keeling Islands from Perth, with a stopover at Christmas Island.