Network Media and GumGum strengthen partnership in Western Australia

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Network Media and GumGum strengthen partnership in Western Australia

GumGum, the leading contextual-first, global digital advertising platform, last month announced the integration of Playground xyz’s media portfolio into its Asia-Pacific (APAC) business. This month they held a function to launch to the Perth market.


In partnership with Network Media across Western Australia, Phil Dada (Director of Network Media), Karan Kent (Head of Sales APAC at GumGum) and Georgia Falloon (State Sales Manager – QLD,WA, SA) launched the Mindset Platform in Perth.

Dada (pictured below) said: “It was wonderful to have such a good turnout of the industry and shows the interest in what GumGum has to offer advertisers. As Playground xyz evolves into GumGum, with the addition of the Mindset Platform, we’re further increasing the value we can deliver for our clients in the WA market.

Paige English, Head of Initiative Perth and James Porteous, Digital Director OMD (pictured above in group pic), participated in the panel discussion on embracing the cookieless future today. Hosted by Dada, the chat explored the critical themes of utilising contextual solutions such as Verity, leveraging client first-party data, and strategic planning for a future without cookies.

Acquired by GumGum in 2021, Playground xyz is one of the world’s top attention-based advertising platforms incorporating a raft of award-winning creative ad formats. This includes Hang Time, Super Skin and Hoverboard which provide a canvas for enhanced creativity and increased consumer attention. These formats and the entirety of Playground xyz’s media arm of the APAC market are now fully integrated into GumGum’s fleet of ad solutions.

Playground xyz’s APAC media business has adopted the GumGum brand for unification and global alignment. Playground xyz’s Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP) will continue as a standalone data solution delivering global market-leading attention measurement for GumGum’s media business and the broader industry across Display, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, OLV and more.

This integration of GumGum’s media businesses in APAC represents the final piece of the rollout of The Mindset Platform launched in North America and Europe in late 2023. The Mindset Platform combines AIP, GumGum’s high impact media products, and GumGum’s advanced contextual intelligence platform, Verity™. Together, attention, creative, and context bridge the gap between brands and consumers, allowing advertisers to meet audiences with the right mindset for an ad to drive increased attention, better business outcomes, and boost ROI.

Building on a successful two-year partnership in Western Australia, Phil Dada of Network Media will continue representing GumGum (formerly Playground xyz), working closely with Georgia Falloon, State Sales Manager of QLD, WA, SA.

Falloon (pictured below) said: “Collaborating with Phil over the past two years has been immensely rewarding, benefiting the Perth market through on-ground representation and enhancing GumGum’s business strategy. This partnership has driven increased demand for our world-class attention-based solutions and evolving GumGum product suite. We are excited to continue this partnership and continue to deliver our class-leading solutions to the industry in Perth”.

Network Media and GumGum strengthen partnership in Western Australia