Nani Creative crowned the 2024 Challenger Agency of the Year at the CBWA Awards


Last year Nani Creative were beaten for the Challenger Agency of the Year award by a strong submission from Wildlings. This year they rose to the top to be named Challenger Agency of the Year, just edging out Hypnosis and kwpx&partners. In total 14 agencies submitted for this prestigious award. Coffey & Tea, Start Digital and Word of Mouth were also shortlisted for this award.

Nani Creative crowned the 2024 Challenger Agency of the Year at the CBWA Awards

Nani is a creative team walking between two worlds.

In a space thatís rife with virtue signally and ëtick boxí brands, Nani is an Aboriginal-led creative agency bridging the gap between brands and how they engage with culture and creativity. But that’s not what Nani is about. They partner with brands that recognise that Aboriginal insight is a meaningful component in shaping powerful stories.

Aboriginal-owned and operated, Nani Creative was established in 2020 to meet the increasing demand for authentic Aboriginal creative work that could meet brand objectives and metrics while preserving the integrity of the art and incorporating First Nations stories into society.

Nani was co-founded and is run by Kevin Wilson, a Wongai man and award-winning graphic artist and Leigh Wood, an experienced branding artist and commercial designer. Along with a core team of six creatives and strategists, Nani works alongside an extended network of artists, designers, writers, cultural consultants and agency partners including; Lush, Block, 303 MullenLowe, Gatecrasher on ‘Stay Strong, look after you and your mob’ and ‘Stronger You Stronger Mob’ for Mental Health Commission, Clarity on ‘Think Support’ for NDS and many more.

Four years on, Nani has been growing its representational goals, creating work that weaves diverse, multicultural lives and perspectives into Australiaís advertising landscape, and received its first creative nod with a bronze at last year’s PADC Skulls awards.


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