Murdoch University promotes free thinking with anamorphic art experience by Gettin Hectic

Murdoch University promotes free thinking with anamorphic art experience by Gettin Hectic

It’s been a busy month for specialist experiential agency Gettin Hectic; they have developed an anamorphic art experience for Murdoch University to bring their strapline ‘Free your Think’ to life, for prospective students.


Due to COVID the university application process has been shaken up this year. Applicants have had the opportunity to apply directly to a number of universities and potentially receive more than one offer. This means it is more important than ever for Murdoch to stand out as the home of free-thinkers.

As part of their Open Every Day and Murdoch Ready campaign, Murdoch felt it was important to not only provide a virtual experience of life at the university, but a physical one too. Given the restrictions on gatherings, a traditional Open Day was not feasible this year, so they are providing applicants with COVID-friendly campus tours and experiences

Gettin Hectic worked with artist Steven Buckles and the Murdoch team to develop a series of anamorphic artwork installations using 3D modelling to bring visual energy and dynamism to the campus tours.

The installation is a series of giant messages that encourage ‘free thinking’. They include “Think for yourself”, “You belong here” and “A step in the right direction”. They require the viewer to stand in the right place to line up the pixels to see the message. Viewers are left with the feeling that “When you are in the right place everything becomes clear”.

Exploration of the campus via the artworks is incentivised with student-friendly rewards.

“We felt it was really important to help the students really imagine themselves studying at the campus – people are unlikely to do that from a virtual tour alone.” said David Saraga, Gettin Hectic MD/CD.

“We wanted to make them feel at home. Other than applying to Murdoch the students might not have a lot in common and would likely have a mix of backgrounds and personalities. So, the challenge was to give them all a shared experience of the Uni that would break the ice and get them interacting with the physical environment. We knew the one thing they’d all be comfortable with was capturing and sharing cool stuff on their phones. Anamorphic art is all about looking at things from different perspectives – the essence of free thinking. So we developed a concept that marries the two. Plus, it’s touchless – so it’s completely COVID-safe.”

Siobhain Burn, Marketing Manager at Murdoch added, “When we saw the concept we knew it captured the essence of what we were looking to achieve by bringing the brand to life within our Open Every Day programme, we’re delighted with the way it has turned out .”

Murdoch University promotes free thinking with anamorphic art experience by Gettin Hectic

Murdoch University
Siobhain Burn –Marketing Manager
Kristen Tyler – Associate Director, Brand & Marketing
Phil McVey – Design Manager
Carla Young – Senior Content Marketer
Anastasia Fountain – Content Marketer

Gettin Hectic
Roger Steiner – Account and Project Manager
Clare Read Smith – Creative Production
Steven Buckles – Art
David Saraga – CD/MD