More Secrets & Lies at The Brand Agency

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More Secrets & Lies at The Brand Agency

Tuesday evening saw Rose Herceg, Chief Strategy Officer of WPP AUNZ, present the second chapter of the industry leading research study, Secrets & Lies, to a large number of Brand Agency clients.


Chapter Two of Secrets & Lies focusses on the relationship we have with our country and how this relates back to our identity. It asks questions such as; What do we seek for our nationhood? How progressive are we as a nation? Are we as ‘fair’ as we like to think we are? How important is our sense of belonging when we look at the world through our nationalities?

The key insights generated from Chapter One of the study have driven a number of successful campaigns for WPP AUNZ clients. Those unearthed from Chapter Two are destined to do the same.

Secrets & Lies is based on comprehensive research conducted by WPP AUNZ agency, Colmar Brunton, which has involved conducting in-depth interviews as well as a survey of more than 2,500 Australians and 1,500 New Zealanders.

Chapter Two was supplemented by a survey of an additional 2,500 Australians and 1,500 New Zealanders through WPP research company Lightspeed. They created a representative sample mirroring the breakdown of the two nations.

The highly anticipated Chapter Three of the study is due to launch in October this year.

More Secrets & Lies at The Brand Agency