Mentor Marketing Group named Media Agency for National portfolio of Scotts Australia brands

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Mentor Marketing Group named Media Agency for National portfolio of Scotts Australia brands

Mentor Marketing Group has been appointed as the media agency for Scotts Australia. This marks an expansion of Mentor Marketing Group’s successful, long standing 15-year partnership with local brand Bailey’s Fertiliser, solidifying its position as a trusted partner for the entire national group.


“We are thrilled to extend our partnership from Bailey’s Fertiliser to the entire Scott’s Australia family, with the opportunity to support phenomenal brands such as Osmocote, Scotts Lawn Builder, MiracleGro and Debco,” said Amanda Reid, Director at Mentor Marketing Group. “This appointment is a testament to our team’s ability to deliver premium service, exceptional campaign performance, and strategic expertise.”

Reid added: “Recent trends have shown a growing preference among clients for independent specialist agencies, signalling a desire for personalized service led by a consistent senior team. We’re very much looking forward to partnering with a number of phenomenal, independent agencies, specialising in PR, Brand Strategy, Creative, Research and more to compliment each other and drive great results for Scotts Nationally.”

Kerry Sephton, Marketing and Innovation Director at Scotts Australia, said: “Mentor Marketing first built a strong relationship with Baileys fertilisers of WA and we now extend that relationship across the wider Evergreen family to manage media strategy and paid media buying across the national Scotts portfolio. We are excited about working with highly experienced professionals to develop strategies high tailored to our business objectives and complimented by a down to earth, client first approach which we are sure will challenge us in the right ways to get to the best investment choices and have fun along the way.”

Mentor Marketing Group continues to build on a series of recent client successes, including collaborations with Alcoa, the Catholic Education Department, and Indigo Solutions. This new partnership with Scotts Australia underscores Mentor Marketing Group’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions and driving growth for its clients.