Lush releases 2019 WA Video Insights Report

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Lush The Content Agency has released the results of its first survey of video insights from WA marketers.


Based on a survey commenced in June, Lush founder James Lush said the report was about delivering local statistics to the marketing and advertising industry of WA.

“Over in the West, we’re often left to rely on campaign-by-campaign results or overseas statistics to build a case for a video marketing strategy; so, clearly there was a gap to be filled with some local knowledge. We wanted to know, how are people working with video? What kind of results are they tracking? How are they using reporting tools and strategy? There’s so much to learn in developing a yearly report like this for our local market.”

Lush said there had been a huge response from WA marketers and ad people who took the time to do the online survey (“a rare occurrence in itself”), contributing their knowledge and experience in video marketing.

“We were able to draw conclusive trends and show how the Perth market is engaging with video content. To begin with, 93% of marketers consider video an important part of their comms strategy and 65% of people surveyed said that they were foreseeing a rise in their video spend. With this kind of attention, 80% of marketers already have a feeling that the level of competition and noise has increased in the past year.”

Lush Creative Director Gavin Carroll said the amount of video content now meant a more specific approach was necessary.

“While we can’t ignore the saturation of video on some channels, we can create narratives that are designed for specific viewers. People want to see videos that are for them, so marketers are now creating videos that don’t need – or try – to speak to everyone.”

The 2019 Video Report is available FREE for download here.