Lush launches short film under their new branded entertainment arm, Dear Storyteller

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UnitingCare West engaged branded entertainment specialists, Lush – The Content Agency to encourage Perth people to give generously during Homelessness Week.


Currently being screened in Yagan Square, this film is the first production to come out of Lush’s new branded entertainment arm, Dear Storyteller.

The creative idea is centred on the theme, ‘now you see me’.

The aim of the production was to not only make homelessness more visible, but to encourage audiences to see past a person’s situation and through to their humanity.

“People want a valued place in society, a place to belong where they can be seen as citizens in our community,” said Amanda Hunt, CEO at UnitingCare West.

“This story is about challenging the myths and stereotypes of those who are experiencing homelessness … they are actually resilient, brave, and capable of contributing to society. With a little imagination – and magic – people can be truly ‘seen’ for who they are.”

Michael Drysdale, Lead Creative Strategist at Lush – The Content Agency, said that the agency’s prerogative was to steer the client away from using tradition conventions of advertising in favour of a story driven, values-based narrative.

“By focusing on story we’ve been able to spark curiosity and interest … by the time audiences reach the story’s climax, we’ve pushed them over an emotional threshold and inspired them to act,” said Drysdale.

Test audiences didn’t immediately suspect advertising content, instead remained focused on their desire to see the story resolve. This, said Drysdale, is the power of branded entertainment.

The UnitingCare West film is being screened on the Yagan Square screen throughout Homelessness Week, 4th – 10th August. Let’s unite to #endhomelessnesswa.