Learn how to defuse those online outrage bombs at SOS24 with Quiip’s Larah Kennedy

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Learn how to defuse those online outrage bombs at SOS24 with Quiip’s Larah Kennedy

What do you do when your brand is caught in the crossfire of the outrage culture wars? Go on the defensive? Go on the defensive? Go hide in a cupboard? Or how about taking the advice of one of SOS24’s industry’s top social and community management mavens at State of Social ’24?


Meet Larah Kennedy, General Manager at Quiip.
From broadcast media (Foxtel, SBS) to the FMCG sector (Woolworths, Hungry Jacks) to her role at the helm of Quiip supporting clients like Australian Ethical Super, Blackmores, VicHealth, Network 10 and Movember, Kennedy’s expertise in managing social media and online communities speaks for itself.

Seriously, she’s seen it all. And she’s coming to SOS24 to help you handle online outrage like a pro.

Workshop: Managing the Social Media Outrage Economy.
Collective outrage isn’t new, but the social media landscape has created a culture where outrage is capital and algorithms are primed to feed o it. We’re seeing an increase in manufactured outrage used to create controversy for profit or to further political or ideological objectives.

Join Kennedy for her deep-dive workshop and learn how outrage culture is impacting brands on social media and what you can do to manage and mitigate online toxicity.

Kennedy joins Emojipedia’s Jeremy Burge, Brandable’s Tess Palmyre, Happiness Co’s Julian Pace and Bennett’s Dave Stewart on an epic Day Two workshop lineup. Watch this space for more announcements and start planning your program. That’s assuming you’ve already got your SOS24, of course. You have, haven’t you?

When: 27 & 28 August 2024
Where: Optus Stadium Perth
Tickets: www.stateofsocial.com/tickets/