Last day to book tickets for the PADC Skull Awards 2021 ~ Deadline 5pm

Last day to book tickets for the PADC Skull Awards 2021 ~ Deadline 5pm

With exactly a week to go, the PADC committee are working hard to prep the Skull Award Show. With this in mind, the PADC has a few things to mention to everyone booked to come along.


Firstly, today is the last day to purchase tickets to the Skull Awards 2021. If you haven’t already, make sure to purchase tickets with the link below before 5pm today as there will be no extensions.


Secondly, we will be scrapping the wristbands and replacing them with temporary tattoos that have been specially designed for the PADC Skull Awards 2021. These will be distributed to any agencies that have purchased 5+ tickets by our student volunteers from the 8th Monday to Thursday the 11th. Anyone who has purchased 4 or less tickets need to pick their tattoos up from oOh! Media before Friday 12th.

Please make sure to apply your temporary tattoos before arrival.

Finally, the PADC answers to some FAQ’s about the night below:

Q: Can we purchase tables?
A: As the event is cocktail style, there will no sit-down meals so there’s no tables to purchase, however, we do have substantial canapés being served throughout the night and seats for the award show portion in a theatre style, so the ladies can rest well knowing that they won’t be standing in heels for the entire night.

Q: Can we purchase more than 10 tickets?
A: Absolutely, feel free to purchase as many tickets as you wish.

Q: Is there an Afterparty?
A: Is the pope a catholic? This year, PADC will be hosting an afterparty at the Rechabite straight after the Award Show sponsored by Sandbox, Cue Sound & Soundbyte. Tickets are $10. Make sure to purchase your Afterparty tickets asap so you avoid lengthy cues.

Q: How much are tickets?
A: PADC Member tickets are $185 and Non Member tickets are $235. We have also added $10 to each ticket which will go to our proud charity partner, UnLtd. The rest of the costs are booking fees and taxes which brings the total to $209.09 for PADC Members and $265.46 for Non Members.

Q: Is the PADC Skull Awards strictly for industry members?
A: The Skull Awards are open to all! At the end of the day, it’s an award show so feel more than welcome to bring partners and/or parents for support.

Q: Do we need to bring our tickets on the night?
A: All of the tickets have been sent via email so please make sure to have the email ready on the night so our student volunteers can scan the QR code and check you in. You can have this on your phone. If this isn’t the case or you need your ticket resent, please contact before Friday 12th.