Lanna Hill and Nic Hayes launch online media training platform Expert Registry

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Lanna Hill and Nic Hayes launch online media training platform Expert Registry

Online media training program Expert Registry went live last week and is being well received by business owners, associations, leaders of industry and even communication firms.


Expert Registry is the brainchild of Lanna Hill (pictured) and Nic Hayes who have been working in the communications and expert space with their content production and media introduction agency, Media Stable.

Hill takes on the role of Managing Director and will be building a team of media managers to support this unique and affordable platform. Prior to this new role, Hill had been Talent Acquisition for Media Stable and has been identifying and managing top talent around the country.

Hayes will lead the Advisory Board that will support and guide the program to meet its targets and goals.

The partners said there was a massive gap in the media training space with no program that was current and one that had a goal to also get you in the media.

Expert Registry is an online media training program that has been designed to educate, inform and empower people through the full media cycle via modules and videos. The eight modules have been designed by those that still work in media and has a very current 2020 approach to the media cycle and media relationships. The program can be completed over a weekend or over six months.

“The Expert Registry is a place for business owners and leaders to find their own feet with media, find their own pace and really understand what a modern media cycle looks like,” said Hill.

“There truly is no place that a business owner can learn, develop and build their status as an expert in the communications industry and firmly lay down foundations for media success. Our online media training modules focus on developing personal and business brands – something I am very excited to bring to the market.”

Hayes said so much has changed in media in the last three years and more recently Covid-19 has accelerated the need for more empowering and educational platforms for business owners and media to connect.

“Expert Registry offers all of this and more,” said Hayes. “The affordability, the ease of the programs in your own time and place has so much going for it. It will be the nursery and staging ground for all aspirational experts and commentators that aren’t quite ready for a more developed media program”.

The partners said Expert Registry has already a lot of interest from major association groups as a platform to better educate and enable their members to communicate more effectively with all media.