kwpx&partners’ new ‘Cop Enough’ campaign for WA Police Union literally hits hard

kwpx&partners’ new ‘Cop Enough’ campaign for WA Police Union literally hits hard

kwpx&partners has created a new campaign for WA Police Union, supporting their fight for better working conditions and liveable wages.


The ‘Cop Enough’ campaign is a reminder that WA Police are subject to a work-life that most of us would be horrified to experience ourselves, and that the State Government’s complacency regarding pay and conditions is a slap in the face to people who already take enough hits in the line of duty.

“WA Police Officers chose their careers and accept that confronting scenarios, unconventional hours and a risk to their physical and mental health is part of the job. What they will not accept however, is the understaffing, overworking, poor conditions and stagnant pay.” Said Reney Omar, WA Police Union Corporate Communications Manager. “These additional hits on our cops add insult to injury, and if we as a state don’t fix the current situation, they’ll continue to leave the service at an alarming rate.”

The film elements, directed by Matt Pitcher at Inhale Content, feature a police officer getting repeatedly slapped. Pitcher said: “When Bryan and Dav briefed me on the idea, we discussed a few different ways we could execute it with VFX, but ultimately we decided the most authenticity and greatest impact would come from doing it for real. The 90-second single-take film gave us the space to let the performance carry the message with no effects, which makes it incredibly compelling and confronting to watch. The boys at Cue Sound also opted for a purist approach and only really enhanced the slaps that were captured on the day. There’s some editing and make-up employed in the 30-second TVC to build the drama in a short period of time, but the slaps were very real. Our conscientious stunt coordinator, Nigel Harbach, was on hand to ensure the incredible talent made it through the day with his face intact!”

Media for the campaign was planned by kwpx and the campaign featuring online film, TV, radio, digital, social, press and outdoor, launches this week.

kwpx&partners’ new ‘Cop Enough’ campaign for WA Police Union literally hits hard

Play the “Dealer’s Dog” and “Spat On” radio spots.


Client: Reney Omar
Client: Jasmine Loda-Batey
Senior Account Director: Tammy Hackett
Project Manager: Carol-Ann Cronin
Business Director: Dru Mincher
Executive Creative Director: Bryan Dennis
Executive Creative Director: Dav Tabeshfar
Production Company: Inhale Content
Director/Executive Producer: Matt Pitcher
Production Coordinator: Alexandra Nell
DoP: Elliott Nieves
1st AC: David Attwell
Male Talent: Gavin Cowie
Female Talent: Sita Bennet
Sound Mixer: Bryan Chance
Stunt Coordinator: Nigel Harbach @ GO Stunts
Hair & Make-up: Ali Knapton
Studio: Johnny Ma
Editor: Matt Pitcher
Photographer: Mauro Palmieri
Sound Studio: Cue Sound
Sound Design: Shaun Sandosham
Sound Producer: Anika Fourie
Radio VO: Gavin Cowie
Radio VO: Amy Mathews
Media Agency: kwpx
Media Planner: Jaimee Shurdington
Media Planner: Michelle Grogan

kwpx&partners’ new ‘Cop Enough’ campaign for WA Police Union literally hits hard