Kitchen Warehouse asks ‘What’s at the Heart of Your Christmas?’ in new TVC via AT Creative


Kitchen Warehouse has launched a new Christmas campaign ‘At the heart of your Christmas’ via AT Creative Perth, which encourages Australians to come together around family and great food, delicious home cooking and those family traditions that are special and unique to families, everywhere.


To launch the campaign, Kitchen Warehouse will air a new TV commercial on all major networks that speaks to a family who can’t all be there in proximity but through a simple gesture can share the most heartfelt of moments. It’s the idea that some gifts are more than just a gift.

Says Peter Macaulay, chief executive and co-founder at Kitchen Warehouse: “Our Heart of your Christmas campaign is about focusing on the joys of coming together and celebrating this Christmas with great food and family.

“For a year that’s been like no other, this campaign has never been more culturally relevant, and is something we will all be able to relate to. We hope it provides joy and inspiration for Australians to really focus on togetherness this Christmas.”

Accompanying this TV advert, Kitchen Warehouse has released a bumper 50 page Christmas Magazine that shares some of the founders most cherished family recipes – Marmalade & Mustard Glazed Ham, Duck Fat Roasted Potatoes to a Cheese and Rosemary biscuit recipe that has been a well-kept family secret, until now.

The campaign will come to life across all facets of the retailer’s communications including in-store branding, digital advertising, social channels and their website which will help people with ideas around four major themes – the traditional Christmas, homemade gifts and treats, social good times and those in the great outdoors.

Says Andrew Tinning, director, AT Creative: It’s a simple heartfelt story that given the year we’ve had, is sure to resonate with Kitchen Warehouse’s key target audience. Working with Andrew Mathwin and his team to develop the campaign was great opportunity to deliver an emotive brand message with a strong retail connection.

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Kitchen Warehouse CMO Justine Murphy
Kitchen Warehouse Head of Brand and Content: Andrew Mathwin
Kitchen Warehouse Marketing Manager: Carly Jellyman
AT Creative: Andrew Tinning
Production company: ZAC Creative
Producer: Troy Zafer
Production Assistant: James Trench
Director: Martin Wilson, Third Storey Pictures/Directors Think Tank
DoP: Jim Frater
Food stylist: Jo-Anne Pabst
Music & sound design: Tim Count MDS
Post production: Joel Taylor/Steve Vojkovic Boogie Monster
VFX: Tank 3 Asia