Jordan and Mads’ Cannes Diary #2

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Jordan and Mads’ Cannes Diary #2

Maddy McGuinness and Jordan Ellis, creative and copywriter at VML Sydney competed in the Film category of the Cannes Young Lions competition. The pair write exclusively for CB.


Cannes – day 3.5

Picture this: A clear blue sky, long stretches of beautiful coastline, all behind the window of our studio apartment where we spent all of day two and three working on the Young Lions competition.

The last 48hrs are a bit of a blur. Might be the retina damage after all that screen time or it’s the consequences of partying with the Portuguese. – Life’s all about balance, right?

Although we didn’t get around to much of the festival we did catch a nice talk from the production designers behind Poor Things. A full break down of the roughly three-year dream brief where they could do whatever they wanted. The talk was full a great mood boards and nice tidbits, here’s one:

Perfecting and smoothing things out too much takes the soul out of it.
(Gonna pull this one out in our next creative review)

Jordan and Mads’ Cannes Diary #2

Okay that’s it. We’ve got rain and grey sky to enjoy.

Every single Poor Things moodboard
The best panini ever thanks to Tubi (See below)
Becoming “honorary Latinos”, thanks to our new Young Lions pals

The rain (we thought it never rained here?)
Missing out on a free tattoo from Pinterest
Didn’t see Jared Leto again – thought we were mates

Jordan and Mads’ Cannes Diary #2