JCDecaux features Road Safety Commission ‘Kindness Travels’ campaign across its Out-of-Home bus network

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JCDecaux features Road Safety Commission ‘Kindness Travels’ campaign across its Out-of-Home bus network

JCDecaux and the Road Safety Commission of WA (RSC) have established a media partnership that sees the latest ‘Kindness Travels’ road safety campaign featured across JCDecaux’s extensive Out-of-Home transit network across Western Australia.


The campaign is part of the RSC’s strategy, Towards Zero, that centres on the vision of no road deaths and serious injuries – a future where every journey is a safe one.

The latest ‘Kindness Travels’ campaign aims to harness the message of spreading kindness on the roads of Perth from where it all happens – on the road. It encourages people to bring back the ‘courtesy wave’ on the road to acknowledge safe and courteous drivers and have those drivers act as ambassadors for road safety.

In the latest part of the campaign, JCDecaux’s extensive bus advertising network will feature as a way to bring the idea to life on the roads of metropolitan Perth when and where people are driving.

“What better way to encourage road safety and being courteous to other drivers than utilising a format that is actually on the road,” Phil Dada, WA Sales Director for JCDecaux said. “Buses are also constantly moving and reaching a wide range of audiences, from other vehicles on the road, people using public transport, and pedestrians. It was important that the format matched the key ‘Kindness Travels’ campaign idea, and we could show JCDecaux as putting into practice the message we are promoting on our bus network.”

“JCDecaux is committed to road safety. Road safety messages are important all over Australia but play a particularly integral part in Perth as we are heavy road users, both through the use of personal vehicles and public transport buses. Perth’s buses have their own courtesy protocol already in practice, so the idea was to encourage the extension of this to other vehicles on the road as well.”

Over the 14 weeks, the campaign will reach over 70% of Perth’s population, seeing the ad every two weeks.   The ‘Kindness Travels’ campaign launched on 8 June and will appear for 14 weeks across Perth as part of an integrated campaign for the RSC.