Initiative’s Super Bowl Ad “Betting” Competition returns: Marketing-Multi

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Initiative’s Super Bowl Ad “Betting” Competition returns: Marketing-Multi

Media agency Initiative is once again calling for all industry Nostra-AD-amus’ bringing back its highly popular marketing-multi betting platform ahead of this year’s Super Bowl.   The fun “betting” competition is open to all industry experts who want to test – and brag about – their power of prediction vs the market.


Super Bowl ads always drive big industry predictions and commentary, with very little accountability, so Initiative’s marketing-multi helps industry pundits put their money where their mouth is (figuratively speaking) and predict the biggest, the best, and the most outrageous ads of The Super Bowl.

Says Chris Colter, chief strategy and product officer, Initiative: “Arguably the world’s biggest advertising platform, Super Bowl sets the stage for the biggest benchmarks in creativity where brands open their wallets and take a punt showcasing their brand, in often outrageous ways, to win the one true ad-attentive environment.”

Says Ryan Haeusler, head of communications design and architect of the platform: “The aim of the game is to get as many legs right, with no penalties for a wrong punt, whoever strings together the most correct answers takes home the ultimate prize: water-cooling bragging rights and the lofty title of this year’s Super Bowl Nostr-AD-Amus.”

Punters can only make two types of bet: will an outcome occur (yes or no); and how many times do they predict the outcome occurring.  Scoring is based on probability with the final odds from each day added to a punter’s daily score calculation (just like a normal betting multi); whoever has the highest cumulative score earns a highly sought after and super-legitimate official ‘Marketing-Multi Super Bowl Ring’.

Built by Initiative’s Cultural Analytics department, marketing-multi is crowdsourced by industry experts across Australia and internationally to provide the most eclectic multi-market with odds updating live every day. From “Chat GPT created spots”, “spot featuring the British royals” to “appearance of Nepo babies”, marketing-multi features a series of strong contenders plus wild cards to make it interesting.

Adds Haeusler: “There’s no actual cash for the winner, would-be punters can try as many times as they like; it’s open to all agencies, marketers, media owners, or anyone simply wanting to have a punt and have some fun.”

Markets open now at