Initiative launches new Employee Experience program to tackle talent wars head on

Initiative launches new Employee Experience program to tackle talent wars head on

Ahead of a national roll-out, Initiative Perth has launched its new Employee Experience Program (EEP). The game changing EEP, with its Ini-Centives and day-to-day engagement & development initiatives, supports the agency’s ambition to be global leaders in Employee Experience by breaking conventions and driving change.


The program’s unique approach is employee-led, based on the needs of the agency’s people and is closely aligned with the agency’s cultural velocity positioning, centered on cultural relevance.

Melissa Fein, CEO, Initiative Australia says: “Having outstanding people and an enviable culture is what makes Initiative stand out from the pack and ultimately leads to best-in-class client work.

“Attracting the right people starts as early as our interview and on-boarding processes so future talent need to be as excited about joining Initiative as we are about inviting them to join our team, it’s all about providing notable employee experiences and that’s what our EEP is all about.”

Perth’s induction of the EEP involved the entire agency team over a two-day period where breakout sessions were divided into four chapters each designed to inspire and excite team members – new and current – about their INI career and the wealth of opportunities ahead.

David Burger, Managing Director, Initiative Perth said: “The national talent shortage is well documented, however our EEP enables us to attract the best talent in WA to our business…that’s not only media industry talent but people from outside the industry who bring a unique set of skills and capabilities to our team.”

Burger continued: “Initiative is passionate about developing our industry’s future talent and building great culture. EEP builds on the momentum the business has already established via the previous roll out of Career Velocity program – which focusses on rapidly accelerating career trajectories – and industry-leading Choice Charter covering Family Planning & Fertility programs which were recently recognised in the Media Federation awards where we were awarded the Talent & Culture category.

“The EEP showcases INI as the incredibly special business that it is. The spirit of the agency and the calibre of talent is unlike any I’ve seen in my career to date.”

In addition to its key focus of onboarding new employees, the EPP aims to equip managers with the tools and processes to help them lead and inspire their teams, and at the same time accelerate their career development via programs such as “Emily in Paris”, an international short term work exchange program.

Ben McAuliffe, Investment Partnerships Manager, Initiative said: “As a manager EEP allows me to have confidence in a structured approach and process in the onboarding and offboarding of my team members, a transition period that traditionally can be challenging for employees.

“EEP also showcases the career development opportunities of being a part of the Initiative global network. I’m stoked to be off for a short-term secondment to Initiative New York City, where I can immerse myself in being a part of large global head office culture; be able to learn from NY clients and processes; and learn from some of the best strategy and digital minds in the US.

“This is all invaluable experience that will ultimately benefit my team and our clients via different perspectives.”

Initiative’s Employee Experience Program will be rolled out nationally in the coming weeks.

Initiative launches new Employee Experience program to tackle talent wars head on