Influx of indies as IN:WA grows to 26

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Influx of indies as IN:WA grows to 26

It’s been an exciting month of growth for IN:WA. The five new members who joined in May include Daisy Digital (pictured above), Digital Hitmen, Monday Media, The Marketing Room and White Chalk Road.


The 26-strong organisation now represents a collective workforce of 400 WA-based employees in the commercial communications industry.

IN:WA Chair, Jeff Champtaloup, is backing the continued growth. “We are constantly impressed by the breadth and calibre of independent agencies that are doing incredible things in the WA communications industry.”

“The fact that every new member has come from word-of-mouth or via exposure to what we’re doing, also suggests we’re doing something that’s inherently valued by independent businesses.”

The feedback from new members puts some of that into context, specifically in regards to opportunities around business support, leadership growth, networking, shared learning, and recruitment.

Steve Poulson, CTO of Daisy Digital, continues to build his agency’s relationship-first approach to business. “We pride ourselves on our personal approach to work. Through our membership in IN:WA, we intend to further develop relationships through mutual understanding with other WA agencies.”

The opportunity to learn from shared experiences underpins the unique culture of IN:WA.

Alex Hamilton, Director of White Chalk Road (pictured below), said: “We understand the value IN:WA plays in bringing our creative marketing community together. We look forward to the knowledge sharing and development with our peers, to help us collectively thrive.”

Influx of indies as IN:WA grows to 26

Tapping into IN:WA’s creative community is as much about support for the individual businesses as it is about investing in the wider industry.

Tahnee Sharp (pictured below), Managing Director of The Marketing Room, says: “Joining IN:WA not only enriches our professional journey, but also reinforces our commitment to fostering excellence and innovation in local creative communications.”

Influx of indies as IN:WA grows to 26

Broadening IN:WA’s positive impact on the industry also means working together to attract, support and retain the people that will help drive our creativity, innovation and growth into the future.

Director of Digital Hitmen (pictured below), Brad Russell, sees the opportunity to then educate clients and stakeholders: “By collaborating with other like-minded businesses within the IN:WA community, we’re able to educate stakeholders on the local and specialist talent we have here in WA.”

Influx of indies as IN:WA grows to 26

Owner and Creative Director of Monday Media (pictured below), Paul Dean, said: “IN:WA represents a unique opportunity to network, share knowledge, and uphold excellence within our industry.”

For more information on becoming a member of IN:WA, email You can also find our more at

Influx of indies as IN:WA grows to 26