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A powerhouse of 90s advertising, media, marketing and PR alumni gathered together at the Brisbane Hotel for the second OMMAPR event on Sunday 19 May.


The mid-year Sunday Session was an opportunity for industry alumni to catch up and reconnect with colleagues and familiar faces from past decades over a few drinks. There was a great representation of faces from TV, radio, print, creative agencies, PR agencies and former marketing teams from big brands such as Burswood, Bankwest, RAC, Curtin and Horizon Power with people travelling from as far as Busselton to attend.

Event founder, Alischa Wunsch from Multiplier Digital said, “We tested the idea of an industry alumni catch-up last November with Xmas Drinks and got great feedback from everyone that attended that it should be a regular event twice a year. So the mid-year Sunday Session concept was born and we took it out more widely to reach out to everyone in our related industries to invite them to come and catch up with past colleagues in a really simple fun way.”

“Choosing a date for mid-year is a bit of a challenge with so many events on in Perth. We carefully avoided any Sunday’s with AFL games but ended up clashing with the Perth Glory Grand-final as well as the Election weekend – so we lost a few on the day who were keen to come but couldn’t in the end. The last group left at 10pm – so it was definitely a fun afternoon and filled with plenty of nostalgia for the good old days of the 80s, 90s and noughties when budgets and teams were bigger, international advertising agencies names and lots of big local brands were still around and Sunday Sessions were a regular thing.”

Awareness of the Old Media, Marketing, Advertising and PR Group is building and there are now over 130 people who have liked the Facebook Page which has been used to organise and promote the events.

Many who have attended have recognised the potential to get more of the industry and alumni involved – particularly industry stalwart, Kim Shaw who is joining the organising committee alongside Rae Bateman, Silvana Visinoni and Alischa Wunsch. The committee will be expanded to include representatives from all areas of the industry represented by the name.

“We just need to keep getting the message out to people and make sure they realise that it is an open event for everyone to get their old crews back together. It only happens twice a year – so just grab a few mates and come down for a few drinks – that’s all it takes. More the merrier is the mantra.”

The next Old Media, Marketing, Agency, PR Group event for Xmas Drinks is being planned for Saturday 24 November 2019 at the Brisbane Hotel. Like the Facebook page to keep updated or reach out to one of the organising committee to let them know you are interested. If you’d prefer to hear about the OMMAPR events via email, add your name to the email list by sending an email to