IKEA launches HUND COUTURE for dogs in April Fools’ Day campaign

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IKEA has created a line of haute couture looks for dogs made from its iconic $1 FRAKTA bags, in a campaign developed by CHE Proximity, that playfully launched on April Fools’ Day.


HUND COUTURE means sleek, sophisticated design can now be enjoyed by our hunds too (that’s Swedish for dog).

HUND COUTURE uses one of their most affordable items, the FRAKTA bag, to help anyone create high fashion looks for their four-legged friends. With the belief in affordable, inclusive design for the many, IKEA has made the HUND COUTURE designs open-source with instruction manuals and patterns available for free to download.

IKEA launches HUND COUTURE for dogs in April Fools’ Day campaign

The collection has three key looks: Business, Ruffle and Frillneck. Designed to turn ‘walkies into cat walkies,’ the outfits don’t just look good, they have a practical side too. The FRAKTA bag material means they’re water resistant, helping hunds stay dry on wet days.

On April Fools’ Day IKEA launched a high-fashion video on its social channels, proving they take design seriously, every day of the year, IKEA then followed up with the instruction manual release. For IKEA, affordable design is no joke.

IKEA launches HUND COUTURE for dogs in April Fools’ Day campaign

The three designs include:

Business: This HUND COUTURE look means business. Featuring a shirt-style pocket for storing treats and important contracts alike, the detachable collar piece makes it easy to go from work to play. Let everyone at the dog park know who’s boss.

Ruffle: Life can be RUFF as a dog, but not in this HUND COUTURE outfit. “A water resistant raincoat, but make it fabulous” was the mantra behind this masterful design. With ruffles that are runway ready it’s sleek, chic and absolutely WOOF.

Frillneck: Swedish design meets an Australian icon. This HUND COUTURE outfit features an optional frillneck headpiece complemented by a belted, tailored coat. This look is sure to have your hund strutting down the sidewalk feeling fetch.

IKEA launches HUND COUTURE for dogs in April Fools’ Day campaign

For more information and to download the designs, please visit https://www.ikea.com/au/en/ideas/hund-couture-pub2999d550

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