Ian Bignell, Luke Stevenson and Jesse Bartlett partner to launch Tsp studio

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Ian Bignell, Luke Stevenson and Jesse Bartlett partner to launch Tsp studio

“Can a business be called a ‘studio’ if we’re all working from home?” That was just one of the many questions Ian Bignell, Luke Stevenson and Jesse Bartlett asked themselves in the process of establishing their new Perth production offering, tsp studio.


Having worked together at another production company in Perth several years ago, the team behind the studio felt the time was right to combine their skills into a business that they’re all incredibly excited about.

A hybrid of creativity and production, tsp is set up to work with clients anywhere on their production journey; whether it’s helping to generate creative ideas or assisting in post production, they’ll work with them to get things done and have some fun along the way.

Their combined experience means they’re set up to be agile; Ian Bignell’s experience in producing and Luke Stevenson and Jesse Bartlett’s in production and post, is the perfect mix to get things done to a high-standard without the huge overheads usually associated with large productions.

Tsp studio’s EP, Ian Bignell, said: “The idea behind tsp studio is something we’ve all mentioned in passing but never really thought would happen. In the end, the timing seemed right for us all to come together and start making the kinds of productions that help our clients achieve their goals. Between the three of us, we’re well set with our capabilities and will tap into the vast talent Perth has to offer when we need to look outside the studio.

“Thanks to those who are working with us already and we have some exciting things brewing in the pipeline.”

Although you can’t visit their studio yet, you can contact them at hello@tsp.studio or visit tsp.studio for more information