Hypnosis launches new ‘Don’t buy, until you Bazaar’ brand positioning for Furniture Bazaar

Hypnosis launches new ‘Don’t buy, until you Bazaar’ brand positioning for Furniture Bazaar

Furniture Bazaar, a leading West Australian furniture store, has appointed Hypnosis as their creative agency. Hypnosis has also launched the brand’s new brand positioning, ‘Don’t buy, until you Bazaar.’


Recent trends have made the furniture retail industry a cutthroat place. The pandemic sales boom is long gone, rising cost of living is squeezing consumer spending and a crowded furniture market is jostling for what’s left.

Hypnosis was tasked with tackling these trends – and finding a new way to get Furniture Bazaar to stand out from the crowd. The goal: More people stepping into their stores and rediscovering the quality and value on offer.

The ‘Don’t buy, until you Bazaar’ brand positioning taps into shoppers new modus operandi: Googling , store-hopping, partner negotiation, all to find that perfect piece of furniture to fit their home, and their budget.

The new line & brand positioning is designed to disrupt the cognitive patterns of consumers, forcing a final moment of reevaluation before they purchase anywhere else.

“No matter how compelling the sales experience is, we all have a fleeting moment of doubt before purchase, and ask ourselves: Am I getting the best deal?” Said Amber Martin, Managing Director, Hypnosis.

“This campaign delicately places the brand in the shoppers mind at that pivotal moment: It’s perfect… but did I Bazaar? The quality of the products, the great value and in-store experience do the rest,” Said Guy Patrick, Creative Director, Hypnosis.

The positioning aims to shift perceptions of Furniture Bazaar from yet another furniture retailer to a mandatory destination for any shrewd shopper before they make the decision to buy.

‘Don’t buy, until you Bazaar’ is supported by a simple, yet sophisticated brand redesign that celebrates and elevates the square shape of the logo as a graphic element in the new design system.

Hypnosis launched the platform just in time for the Black Friday Sale, running across Social, Digital, OOH, In-Store and Radio. A brand campaign to follow in 2023.