Hidden cameras reveal what motorcyclists wouldn’t do to stay safe in a new Road Safety Commission campaign by The Brand Agency

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Motorcyclists are a vulnerable group of road-users with statistics showing that 346 motorcyclists were killed or seriously injured on WA roads in just one year.


Despite these figures, many riders still let safety take a back seat whilst they ride. Research shows that the majority of motorcyclists don’t need to be told what to do and how to stay safe on the road because deep down they already know – they just don’t practice it.

So rather than trying to tell them again, this campaign takes a less confrontational approach by using humour to get motorcyclists talking about their own safety.

The three executions see a reputable motorcycle shop rigged with hidden cameras and stocked with a variety of ridiculous, fake safety products such as adult training wheels and an airbag fitted to the handle bars of a bike. The candid cameras captured real motorcyclists’ reactions – and started their own conversations about safety.


Executive Creative Director, Marcus Tesoriero said, “I can’t believe we pulled this off so sweetly. The reactions from motorcyclists to our insane safety inventions were absolute gold. It really caught their attention and began a conversation about our clear, safety message. You don’t need any of the crazy stuff, you just need to wear MotoCAP approved gear, look for bikes with ABS and ride to the conditions.”

The videos are part of an integrated campaign which includes programmatic video, native video, social and display advertising.

Client: Roger Farley, Assistant Director Strategic Communications
Client: Alisia Mumby, Campaign Project Officer
Agency: The Brand Agency, Perth
Executive Creative Director: Marcus Tesoriero
Copywriter: Lachlan Banton
Art Director: Niall Stephen
Agency Producer: Lauren Billingham
Strategy Director: Hannah Muirhead
Account Management: Brendon Lewis, Natalie Pearson, Evan Murie, Stephanie Gotch-Martin
Production Company: King Street
Producer: Lauren Billingham
Director: Paul Komadina
Post-production: Frances Elliott (King Street)
Post-production Behind the Scenes: Peter Townsend
Audio: Mike Fragomeni (Cue Sound)