Hatchet Team Launches Budding Growth Agency

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Hatchet Team Launches Budding Growth Agency

The team behind Hatchet has launched a new growth marketing arm to expand capabilities across SEO, paid search, social and content.


Director, Tom Smolarek, said Bud was formed to address the challenge of growing the customer journey presence for businesses, step-by-step and looking at those audiences holistically.

“We felt the need for a big picture digital strategy approach that adapts and grows with a business., where the strategy part isn’t an add-on retainer.”

Smolarek said with digital evolving rapidly over the last couple of years, it’s been a lot for most businesses to stomach what the right solution is and how to bring it back to what it’s fundamentally set out to achieve – growth.

“There’s a strong feedback loop in digital; customers tell you what’s working and what’s not, whether they’re converting, interacting, clicking or purchasing. But there’s been a tendency in agency to only scratch the surface on these insights and to keep data siloed, this approach gets labelled as ‘vanity metrics.’”

“Audiences are rapidly moving to digital platforms: Google solves all our burning questions, we interact across social platforms more than the real world and if we want to master a topic, we’ll look for insight from web content. There’s a digital customer journey involved in solving most of the problems we have day-to-day.”

“Add a tech layer where you have a software team is ready to build solutions within the user experience that support the customer experience expansion and you have a true growth marketing service.”

“We’re excited to see how that capability is going to evolve in the coming years.”