Greyhound lovers start new campaign in Canning on behalf of racing dogs

Greyhound lovers start new campaign in Canning on behalf of racing dogs

Canning residents and passersby are now seeing the latest billboard produced by Free the Hounds, the face of their 2024 petition to end greyhound racing, Dustin. The location of the billboard is significant, just over a kilometre away from Cannington greyhound racetrack, the deadliest track in the country. Five dogs have been killed and another 11 have suffered major injuries since 1 January 2024.


“With a state election looming early next year we want to let the Cooke Government know that greyhound racing is becoming increasingly admonished by members of the public. As awareness grows around the injury rates and deaths that occur, for the sake of a gambling dollar, the community is becoming less and less tolerant,” said President, Free the Hounds, Mel Harrison.

“Add to that the fact that the WA Greyhound Racing Association is a State Government Association, unlike any other state in Australia, and sits directly within Government, the community are tired of throwing taxpayer dollars into this so called “sport” for a very small handful of participants”.

Dustin was chosen as the face of this year’s petition campaign due to the tough start to life he has had. Due to a lack of trust in both humans and other dogs, he had been moved around foster homes due to episodes of fear-based aggression over a three-year period.

That was until 15 months ago when he met his (now) forever family, Sasha and Jay. Dustin is their second greyhound, and they have the means to take things slowly and at a pace this frightened boy can deal with. Many greyhounds suffer from different types of behavioural issues when coming out of kennels, mainly due to a lack of socialisation and secure attachment relationship issues with humans. With love and care, these can be overcome.

Free the Hounds asks anyone who loves dogs to please add their name to the petition before 12 August 2024 when it ends. The signatures will then be tabled in Parliament by early September.

Harrison said: “Greyhound racing still occurs in only seven countries in the world, and Australia has more tracks than all other countries combined. Animal exploitation and gambling is not something that our state Governments should be backing to add taxes to their budgets, there is simply too much loss involved.”

Free the Hounds also wish to invite the public to join them at Cannington race track this Thursday 18 April, to peacefully protest the second running of the Sandgroper greyhound race, a part of Racing and Wagering WA’s tri-code slot race series.

“As far as animal lovers are concerned, the Sandgroper race memorialises a greyhound killed two years ago at Cannington. Poor two-year old greyhound Sandgroper was killed on track on May 4, 2022, after he fell and fractured his left front leg. We feel RWWA gave little thought to the naming of the Sandgroper race,” added Harrison.

Perth-based greyhound welfare advocacy group Free the Hounds is a non-profit organisation and its purpose is to prevent the harm and inhumane treatment of greyhounds.