Google makes long-awaited Generative AI play

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Google makes long-awaited Generative AI play

Google’s latest announcement brings Generative AI to its search engine in a bid to improve user experience and usher in a new era of Search. The update reimagines how we search for information online, bringing together both sourced and generated content to answer user queries.


The announcement is Google’s latest move to stay at the forefront of Search in the era of AI and could have a considerable impact on how marketers address the needs of users online.

The update integrates advanced machine learning with Generative AI to analyse user queries and generate relevant content.

Upon searching for a topic, users will be presented with a snapshot of AI-generated information relevant to their search. This AI content will appear above the traditional links to external websites that users are familiar with. Follow-up queries will also be presented to users that engage a new, conversational search mode when clicked on.

Google makes long-awaited Generative AI play

Source: Google

Context will also be carried between search queries to allow for more natural search journeys, with regular points of information provided to the user to allow for jumping between content.

The Impact for Agencies
The announcement marks a clear shift in how users view and interact with search results. While Google has confirmed that search advertising will continue to be shown alongside organic and generated search results, marketing agencies need to prepare for the new ways client information will be displayed organically.

“The big change is that there now might be less downstream traffic to websites.” Says Matthew Elshaw (pictured), Head of SEO at Bonfire Digital.

With agencies expecting fewer clicks to client websites after the introduction of conversational search and generated content, the focus now needs to be on getting clients featured in generated search results.

“Google Search may be changing but our mission remains the same – to connect our clients with their target audience.” Elshaw says. “The way we do that, and the way we report on our success, will evolve in new and interesting ways.”

Approaching the Future of Search
Google’s update is compelling for digital marketing agencies and consumers alike. By providing more personalised and useful search results, consumers can better understand topics and businesses can appear in more specific and high-value search journeys.

As Google continues to adapt Search with advances in AI, digital marketing agencies need to be ready for the changes that await.

Read Google’s full announcement here.