Glide Agency propels Perth’s new Matagarup Zip+Climb into a flying start

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Glide Agency propels Perth’s new Matagarup Zip+Climb into a flying start

After two roller-coaster years for Western Australia’s tourism industry, local businesses were recently dealt another blow when in January the state’s long awaited reopening was pushed back once again.


That was another strike to the heart of an industry that’s been brought to its knees in recent years, leaving many with no choice but to turn their attention inwards to the local population in an attempt to stay afloat.

However, although less lucrative than the tourism dollars of interstate and foreign travelers, a thirst for experience among Perth’s would-be tourists has provided a glimmer of hope to some within the industry.

Among those benefiting from a surge in localised tourism is the group behind the newly opened Matagarup Zip+Climb, Perth’s latest adventure experience.

Suspended high above the Swan River, the attraction combines a 72m open-air climb up to a 360 degree viewing platform with a dramatic conclusion, sending you back down to the ground along a 400m zipline at speeds up to 75km/h.

Anticipating high pre-Christmas demand for new WA-based experiences, the team at Zip+Climb engaged Perth’s own Glide Agency in an effort to push online bookings prior to the long awaited summer opening, one that was met with much adoration.

Launching a wide-reaching social media strategy in December 2021, the project has seen thousands of stay-at-home tourists turned into thrillseekers in just a few short months since cutting the ribbon.

Pairing content-heavy digital strategy with a galvanized local market has propelled Zip+Climb off to a fantastic start since launch. With digital returns alone surpassing 25x to date, the project’s success offers a necessary reminder of the opportunities we may find in our own backyard.

With Glide Agency at the reins and newfound hope of a soon-to-be tourist boom, the partnership is looking forward to the prospect of a fruitful 2022.