Glide Agency helps Philter Brewing raise $2.19 million in crowdfunding campaign

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Philter Brewing, the recently crowned New South Wales Champion Brewery, has had an overwhelming success with its latest crowdfunding campaign on Birchal, raising an impressive $2.19 million with the support of 1,296 investors. This was the third biggest beer brewery raise in Australian history, the biggest raise by any NSW business and the fourth largest equity crowdfunding raise of 2023.


Established in 2017, Philter Brewing has experienced a remarkable 43% year-over-year growth and boasts $30 million in sales revenue, solidifying its position as a key player in the Australian craft beer scene. The latest crowdfunding triumph not only highlights the brand’s popularity but also underscores its commitment to championing independence in Australian brewing.

Founders Stef Constantoulas and Michael Neil shed light on the challenges faced by independent breweries in Australia, emphasising the dominance of global giants that currently control 80-85% of beer sales in the country. This duopoly, as Constantoulas explains, hampers fair competition and poses a threat to the existence of independent breweries, who, despite driving over half of Australia’s brewing jobs, claim only 7% of annual sales.

Philter Brewing’s recent crowdfunding campaign is a proactive step towards preserving Australian ownership, jobs, and profits within the country’s borders. The initiative aims to secure the future of a diverse and vibrant craft beer culture by fostering fair competition and supporting local businesses.

The success of Philter Brewing’s crowdfunding campaign wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration and support of their key partners: the equity crowdfunding platform Birchal; WeDid for video production; DL Comms for PR; and Glide Agency who devised and ran the digital campaign.

Philter Brewing’s co-founders, Mick and Stef, express their gratitude for the tremendous support received during the campaign. The $2.19 million raised will undoubtedly propel the brewery to new heights, enabling to further strengthen its position in the market and to continue its commitment to produce high-quality, independent Australian craft beers

Digital Advertising: Mike Atkinson, Pippa Smith and Kelly Lyons of Glide Agency
Video Production: WeDid Video Productions
Public Relations: Drew Lambert, DL Comms
Crowdfunding Platform: Birchal

Glide Agency helps Philter Brewing raise $2.19 million in crowdfunding campaign