Glide Agency equity crowdfunding campaign helps raise $1.2M in five days

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Glide Agency equity crowdfunding campaign helps raise $1.2M in five days

Digital ROI agency ​Glide​, has successfully demonstrated its expertise in the startup arena on ​Birchal,​ the premier Australian equity crowdfunding platform.


A capital raising for agribusiness player ​Good Earth Dairy,​ was launched on Birchal to raise $1.2M to help ​develop the agri-technology required to turn camel milk, an expensive milk product, into an affordable household dairy product. Camel milk has been hailed as a superfood and is being produced by Good Earth Dairy, Western Australia’s first commercial camel dairy.

Glide Agency was engaged to boost participation in the raise by attracting investors in the expression of interest phase of the investment, by developing the marketing strategy and social media advertising activity. The Glide campaign focused on the awareness and consideration phases of the campaign that would have maximum return on investment (R.O.I.). Satisfyingly, the campaign achieved spectacular R.O.I.

Good Earth Dairy CEO Marcel Steingiesser, said: ​“​Thanks for the incredible quality of your work in this short campaign. The Australian record for a marketing firm in the category of +$1m raised belongs to you and is especially impressive. We did it in 5 days!” ​Es Chandra CEO at Glide also added, “I​ couldn’t be more proud of the Glide team’s abilities, given the challenge of getting funds raised in this unpredictable year that is ‘2020’. We are very grateful for their efforts with at least four great raises for equity crowdfunding in the last couple of months.”