GFK Radio Survey 5: Nova continues to rule Perth airwaves

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GFK Radio Survey 5: Nova continues to rule Perth airwaves

Nova continues to dominate in the #1 position and 6IX moves up to #5 ahead of Triple M! Stela Media’s Marianne Stelmach, who has over two decades of radio industry experience, takes a closer look at the results of the latest ratings period.


#1 Overall – Nova
#1 Breakfast – Nova’s Nathan, Nat & Shaun
#1 Drive – Nova’s Kate, Tim & Joel

Nova will no doubt be popping the champagne today celebrating a record share of 16.5% and 686,000 listeners for all people 10+ keeping them well ahead in the #1 position. The Breakfast Show with Nathan, Nat & Shaun had the biggest increase taking them to a record share of 20%. The highest in GFK history. Nova’s Drive Show with Kate, Tim & Joel is also clear #1 with a 17.3% share. Nova are also #1 in all the daytime demos and weekends.

Mix 94.5 have held their clear #2 position even after a slight decrease in overall share. They have reached their highest ever Cume of 595,000 people. Mix 94.5 are #2 for all people 10 to 17, 18 to 24, 25 to 39 and 40 to 54 year olds. The Breakfast Show with Pete, Matt & Kymba are #2 as well as Mornings, Afternoons, Drive and Weekends.

96FM have held their #3 position and there is still a clear gap to the next 3 stations. 96FM are a close #3 in all people 40 to 54 and #1 all people 55 to 64. The Breakfast Show with Clairsy & Lisa had a small increase and are #3, closing in on Mix 94.5. 96FM had the biggest drop in Mornings and Afternoons but then had good increases in Drive and Evening. Weekends are still strong in #3 position.

6PR have moved up to #4 position for all people 10+ and had a big increase of 2.8% with 55 to 64 year olds closing the gap with 96FM by only 0.3%, who are #1. 6PR are also #1 for 65+. Gareth Parker had a good increase in Breakfast to keep him at #4 and is closing the gap to 96FM. Afternoon’s and Drive also had good increases and Tod Johnson’s Evening Show continues to stay in the #1 position. 6PR also had a strong growth on weekends with their AFL coverage. Gareth Parker will be finishing up with the Breakfast Show later this year to take up the role of the 9 News Director in Perth. The Wide World of Sport program is set to air on 6PR from November 1, severing their ties with SEN and the Sports Day program.

6IX had the biggest jump of 1.3% for all people 10+. They have now gone up to #5 position! They had really strong increases with all people 55 to 64 and 65+. The Breakfast Show, which is comprising of special guest hosts since the departure of Ian Blackley on July 15th, went up 1%. The announcement of the new Breakfast duo will be released this week. Mornings, Afternoons, Drive, Evenings and Weekends also had big increases. 6IX are equal #4 with 6PR in the Afternoon session.

Triple M had a slight decrease in all people 10+ taking them to #6 position for the first time. They had an increase in overall cume taking them to 285,000 listeners. Triple M are #3 with all people 10 to 17 and 25 to 39 year olds. The Breakfast Show with Xav, Michelle & Baz had the only increase across the week staying at #5.

People 10+
Nova – 16.5% (1% Increase)
Mix 94.5 – 12.5% (0.3% Decrease)
96FM – 10.0% (0.4% Decrease)
6PR – 7.6% (0.9% Increase)
6IX – 5.9% (1.3% Increase)
92.9 Triple M – 5.8% (0.3% Decrease)

Nova’s Nathan, Nat & Shaun – 20.0% (1.6% Increase)
Mix 94.5’s Pete, Matt & Kymba – 11.2% (0.7% Decrease)
96FM’s The Bunch with Clairsy & Lisa – 10% (0.1% Increase)
6PR’s Gareth Parker – 9..3% (0.7% Increase)
92.9 Triple M with Basil & Xav – 6.4% (0.3% Increase)
6IX’s More Music Breakfast Show – 4.0% (1% crease)

Cume Audience
Radio listeners are still increasing substantially, which would be music to all the Network’s ears! Nova have had a record cume number with 686,000 listeners clearly leading the pack. Mix 94.5 also had a great increase to reach 595,000 listeners.

Nova – 686,000 (55,000 Increase)
Mix 94.5 – 595,000 (27,000 Increase)
96FM – 450,000 (4,000 Decrease)
92.9 Triple M – 332,000 (1,000 Increase)
6PR – 212,000 (7,000 Increase)
6IX – 163,000 (9,000 Increase)

Perth DAB+ Stations
Oldskool 90’s Hits has hit the #1 digital station position after a big 20,000 increase. Smooth (Nova) were also the other big winners with a 21,000 increase going into equal #2 position with 96FM 80’s (ARN). Overall digital listening numbers keep increasing which shows overall popularity for local audio content.

Oldskool 90’s Hits (SCA) 70,000 (20,000 Increase)
96FM 80’s (ARN) 57,000 (4,000 Decrease)
Smooth (Nova) 57,000 (21,000 Increase)
RnB Fridays (SCA) 50,000 (1,000 Increase)
Double J 49,000 (14,000 Increase)
Coles Radio (Nova) 37,000 (12,000 Increase)
Easy 80’s Hits (SCA) 34,000 (2,000 Decrease)
ABC Sport 36,000 (7,000 Increase)
Triple J Unearthed 30,000 (2,000 Decrease)
MMM Classic Rock (SCA) 29,000 (7,000 Increase)
MMM 90’s 27,000 (No Change)

Survey 5, 2022 was conducted by GFK for Commercial Radio Australia from 22nd May to 25th June & 10th July to 13th August 2022. This period went over half the school holidays. Survey 6 results will be released on Tuesday 27th September 2022.

Following a 25 year career at SCA, Fairfax, Macquarie Media, ARN and Nine, Marianne Stelmach (pictured below) has launched media representation company Stela Media.

GFK Radio Survey 5: Nova continues to rule Perth airwaves GFK Radio Survey 5: Nova continues to rule Perth airwaves GFK Radio Survey 5: Nova continues to rule Perth airwaves GFK Radio Survey 5: Nova continues to rule Perth airwaves