Gettin Hectic creates COVID-ready ‘ARCADIA’ AR Experience for Lakeside Joondalup

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Specialist experiential agency Gettin Hectic has teamed up with Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre to deliver ARCADIA, an augmented reality and entertainment experience that enhances the enjoyment of the shopping environment.


The team at Lakeside Joondalup recognised that over the last few months their shoppers have responded well to retro and nostalgic themes in line with current fashion trends. They briefed Gettin Hectic to create a concept that would not only harness the power of those themes but also deliver a future-facing experience of COVID-friendly fun.

ARCADIA, developed with artist Steven Buckles, includes ten augmented reality experiences plus live entertainment, all designed to bring joy to a family audience.

Huge images inspired by the 80s Vaporwave aesthetic have been placed throughout Lakeside Joondalup. Ranging from 2x2m to 8x6m, the images come to life when viewed through an app. These AR experiences allow participants to swim with pink swans, capture the sunset on an electric beach and be beamed up by a UFO. They are designed to encourage engagement by placing the participant at the heart of the action and are fully integrated with social media to encourage sharing and allow for trackability. There are special offers built into the experiences to incentivise shopping and further engagement.

The AR is supported by roving and pop-up themed performances that enhance the atmosphere with iconic 80s vibes.

“We recognised that just because 2020 has been such a rough year, the public’s appetite for experiences is far from diminished.” Said David Saraga MD/CD.

“We worked hard during lockdown to produce a Post Pandemic Playbook – a series of tactics and solutions that brands can use to deliver experiences that will create an emotional connection with their target market but in a COVID-safe way. Understandably lots of clients are nervous to be active in the experiential space at the moment, but that has left a huge gap in the market that the brave can exploit. The team at Lakeside have been characteristically bold in their desire to deliver ARCADIA. We couldn’t be more grateful for their trust and vision. The term ARCADIA refers to utopia, bliss and harmony. We’re delighted that together we’ve been able to transform the everyday into something that touches on the amazing.”

ARCADIA is on now until 25th October at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre with a national roll-out in the pipeline.

Lakeside Joondalup
Natalie Upson – Property Marketing Manager, WA
Samantha Ferraz – Marketing Executive
Alyssa Sangrigoli – Marketing Executive

Gettin Hectic
Roger Steiner – Account and Project Manager
Clare Read Smith – Creative Production
Steven Buckles – Art
David Saraga – CD/MD