Gettin Hectic brings Murdoch University’s ‘Free-thinking’ to life with Scorchers VR experience

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Gettin Hectic brings Murdoch University’s ‘Free-thinking’ to life with Scorchers VR experience

Murdoch’s This is Free Thinking campaign demonstrates what free thinking looks and feels like for Murdoch students, and showcases students experiencing learning in the real world. It encourages students to change their worlds, think for themselves, and find new ways to push past the status quo.


Murdoch recently asked Gettin Hectic to apply their experiential approach to two challenges: Firstly, to use their partnership with the WACA to engage their audiences and then, to bring the message to life in a way that would resonate deeply with them.

As part of their partnership with the WACA, Murdoch academics worked with elite batters to develop their ability to anticipate the flight of the ball once it leaves the bowlers hand. This fascinating example of their free-thinking approach saw a team of Murdoch students and researchers use ‘occlusion glasses’ to focus the batters’ attention on the body language of the bowler at the moment of delivery and improve their batting performance.

Few cricket fans have the opportunity to experience what it really feels like to face an elite fast bowler. Murdoch were able to replicate the experience in a highly visceral (but safe) way using 360 VR technology.

Scorchers fans on game day at the WACA can visit the ‘Murdoch University VR Cricket Experience’ where, after donning the Occulus headset, they find themselves at the WACA facing some of the Scorchers’ fastest bowlers.

The 3-minute experience gives a real sense of what it is like to face an 80mph fast ball and then goes on to explain how the Murdoch researchers are helping batsmen hone their skills.

MD of Gettin Hectic, David Saraga said it is both a highly engaging and immersive experience and also a fantastic real-life example of the free-thinking approach to learning.

“Nobody was hurt in creating this hair-raising content although we did lose a camera, but that is a small price to pay for creating this kind of immersive and visceral experience for such a progressive client.”

“We wanted to create a fun, hands-on experience where we could demonstrate the ‘this is free thinking’ ethos with the consumer in a tangible, real-life way,” said Murdoch’s Director of Marketing and Communications Neil Cullingford.

Head down to a Scorchers game to check out the experience or click here.

Murdoch University
Marketing Manager: Kristen Tyler
Senior Marketer Emma Downsbrough
Senior Marketing Partner Chelsea Sutton

Gettin Hectic
Producer & Account Manager: Roger Steiner
Strategy Director: Andrew Davey
Creative/Managing Director: David Saraga
VR production: Pixelcase