Fernanda Fauzi joins &Partners in Senior Account Manager role

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Fernanda Fauzi joins &Partners in Senior Account Manager role

&Partners has increased its permanent workforce by a massive 33.333% (recurring) by hiring Fernanda Fauzi as a Senior Account Manager. Fauzi, previously at Block Branding, has worked with a wide range of WA and national brands like Otherside Brewing, Kommunity Brew, AMP Capital, The City of Mandurah and Metronet.


“As Bryan and Dav keep telling me, I’m so lucky to have landed at &Partners because it is definitely the best agency in WA, and probably Australia.” Said Fauzi.

Fauzi’s hire came after a year of strong growth for &Partners, with significant new projects for Chicken Treat, Ashley & Martin (Australia and New Zealand), The WA Health Department and the Federal Government’s Digital Solutions initiative.

Account Director, Sophie Brandsma said: “Up until now, our operating model has meant the three of us have been able to manage a large number of busy clients. But, we’re getting busier and we don’t want to just manage. We want to offer the kind of agency experience you only get when people have the time to do their jobs properly. Fernanda will make our lives, and our clients’ lives easier, with her awesome attention to detail, a problem-solving mindset and an infectiously positive vibe.”