Ever seen Ryanair’s socials? Meet the social media legend behind them at SOS24

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Ever seen Ryanair’s socials? Meet the social media legend behind them at SOS24

Meet Michael Corcoran, the man who made Ryanair’s socials fly. It takes a special kind of social media alchemist to see that roasting Leo DiCaprio and trolling disgruntled customers would make a winning strategy for an airline. State of Social ’24 are thrilled to announce that Corcoran will be one of their keynote speaker.


Frankly’s Corcoran has redefined social marketing
He took budget airline Ryanair to the social media stratosphere. He hooked over 2.1 million followers on TikTok alone. He made his job the most coveted in social media. Then, he walked away from it.

Now, as managing partner at Frankly, a first-of-its-kind social media consultancy, he’s coming to SOS24. And his keynote has got to be worth the price of your All Access ticket on its own.

Corcoran’s keynote: Be on Social Without Being on Social
Think. What role does social REALLY play for your brand? Are there better ways for you to be on social without simply ‘being’ there? To do more than follow a playbook. More than attempt to be all things to all people. More than post vanilla content.

Corcoran will share:
● the four key strategic variables to consider before deciding on the role social plays for you
● why the best ideas and strategies for your brand probably won’t make rational sense
● how, like Ryanair, with a bit of illogical alchemy you can use social to dierentiate your brand,
solve problems, leverage opportunities and add real value over time.

Corcoran is the first of our must-see keynotes. Grab your State of Social ’24 ticket.

When: 27 & 28 August 2024
Where: Optus Stadium Perth
Tickets: www.stateofsocial.com/tickets/