ECU launches new brand platform ‘Creative Thinkers Made Here’ via 72andSunny ANZ


Edith Cowan University has announce the launch of its new brand platform ‘Creative Thinkers Made Here’, which centres around the importance of creative thinking in today’s world. The brand was developed by creative agency 72andSunny.


At the heart of the new campaign is the belief that creativity is not just a talent that some people possess, and others don’t, but rather a skill that ECU can teach, develop and nurture.

By embracing a culture of creative thinking, ECU hopes to inspire its community to think more critically, ask more questions and embrace innovation to develop more creative solutions to the complex problems of the age.  From Engineering to Business, Science to Nursing, creative thinking is an integral part of the University’s approach to teaching and learning.

Celebrated in a major campaign, it launches with a mixed-media film directed by Simon Robson and multiple teams of animators, designers and illustrators from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brooklyn and Los Angeles. The campaign will position ECU as a contemporary university that not only values traditional theory but encourages a mix of innovation, imagination and real-world experience.

Says Julia Turner, director of brand and marketing at ECU: “The new campaign will showcase ECU as the go-to university for contemporary learning, real-world innovation and a place where students are primed with the most valuable skill that so many employers are looking for today – creative thinking. The process was one of the most collaborative we’ve been through and we’re thrilled to see it in the real world.”

Says Andy Flemming, Wordy McWordSpurt of 72andSunny: “As ECU has a very creative and future-forward mindset, it deserved something a little different. After all, if each course has creativity baked in – it was appropriate to represent that with different forms of animation, design, illustration and game design. We couldn’t be happier with the result, and that’s a testament to just how amazing the ECU team was. They were a dream.”

The campaign includes a complete brand redesign, outdoor, radio and digital executions.

Says Turner: “We are also delighted with our Perth agencies, Rare with Hearts &Science, who have played an important role partnering with ECU and 72andSunny to bring the campaign to life across a wide range of disciplines and multi-faceted media channels. They have undertaken a mountain of work in a very short time period, for which we are extremely grateful.”

Says Callum Mackenzie, managing director, Rare/Hearts & Science: “It’d be an understatement to say how excited and busy we have been to work with ECU’s new brand platform and strategic positioning over these past months, bringing it to life across a multitude of touchpoints. This is just the beginning with so much opportunity ahead. Well done to the extended ECU team – it has been a true team effort to get to launch.”

Client: Edith Cowan University
Lead Agency: 72andSunny
Perth Agency: Rare
Production: Mcfly Films
Director, Simon Robson
Exec Producer, Dave Kelly
Shoot Producer, Jonas Mclallen
Design/VFX/Animation/Posty, The Cactus Stone Co.
Music and Sound design
Panda Candy